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5 Small Ways You Can PayMaya It Forward

Jan 20, 2020 1:32:00 PM

There’s no better way to welcome the new year than with acts of kindness. PayMaya makes it easier to give back and do nice things for others this 2020! Here are little things you can do to spread love and kindness to the people around you: 

#1 Pay for your family’s utility bills

PayMaya Deals - Pay Bills

Paying for your household’s bills may be a simple task but it will be one burden off your parents’ shoulders. You won’t even need to leave your house to do it. Just pay bills using PayMaya!    

#2 Donate to a humanitarian organization


Once you’ve determined which cause you truly believe in, look for trusted organizations to help or send your donations to. 
If you happen to choose humanitarian organizations like UNICEF or World Vision, you can easily send your donations using PayMaya! Just look for their logos under the ‘pay bills’ tab in the app.

#3 Buy supplies for animal shelters

Animal shelter

If you’re an animal lover and can’t adopt a pet just yet, you can still help out by volunteering your time to animal shelters. You can also get them supplies like cat and dog food or cleaning necessities since this is what they mostly consume daily. 
Remember that you can easily use your PayMaya card or app to pay for your purchases in stores. No need to bring cash! 

#4 Support local farmers


Did you know that you can help our local farmers even from the city? All you have to do is to patronize stores that source their supplies locally. Some examples would be Bo’s Coffee which use coffee beans and other supplies from local farmers and local communities.

#5 Help in Taal Relief Operations

If you've been wanting to aid victims of the Taal Volcano eruption, but have yet to figure out the how and where, you've come to the right place! Through your PayMaya account, you can directly send in your donations to FintechAlliance.PH's relief operations. Just send the amount to 0915-293-9533.

You can also drop off relief donation at Landers Superstore branches in Balintawak, Alabang, Otis, and Arcovia or visit and use the code HELPTAAL to shop for goods you'd like to donate.

These are just a few small ways to help out. Make giving back easy and hassle-free using PayMaya! Make it a habit to PayMaya it Forward.  

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