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The Uber Search for the Best Bibingka in Metro Manila

Nov 29, 2016 9:00:00 AM

You know it’s almost Christmas when you start smelling bibingka in the air (Read also: The Uber search for the best puto bumbong in Metro Manila). The classic Pinoy holiday treat is something we all love to snack on. We asked around where Pinoys think the best bibingka is sold and shortlisted 3 popular answers: Felymar’s (Manila), Catabolic Cafe (Teacher’s Village), and Via Mare (Greenhills). 



After riding an Uber around Metro Manila for almost an entire day, we have a verdict (and it’s not what you’ll expect!)


3. Via Mare: Bibingka with Laguna Cheese and Queso de Bola (P160)




Here’s a classic bibingka from a very classic Tita restaurant. The smell was absolutely heavenly, and is tagged by many to be “the best bibingka in Manila”. It is served all year round and is almost always ordered for dessert whenever you feel like eating traditional Filipino food. Although for those who are looking for some more juice and flavour, you might want to get the bibingka with salted duck egg instead.

2. Catabolic Cafe: Bibingka Waffle (P200)



Just along Teacher’s Village is a quaint little cafe that serves Bibingka Waffle. For P200, you get 2 plate-sized soft waffles with salted duck egg bits inside, and sprinkled muscovado sugar and coconut shreds on top. We definitely recommend this sweet, soft, and buttery goodie for sharing during merienda or breakfast. 


1. Felymar’s Special Bibingka (P45)



It’s official. Felymar’s is the best bibingka in town. Hidden in an unsuspecting place near the MRT in Tayuman, Manila, this traditional bibingka knocked us out at our first bite. Perfectly soft, sweet, salty, and moist, it uses the same basic ingredients of a bibingka (cheese, salted duck egg, sugar, batter mix) so we are as puzzled as you might be at what makes it so good. Perhaps the secret lies in the 24 years that Felymar’s has been making this bibingka.




While the place has no place for diners to sit, this branch (another branch is located nearby) sells 600 bibingkas everyday, and is open from 7am-12m serving hungry commuters and passersby breakfast, merienda, and midnight snacks. Although this was the farthest bibingka we had traveled to try, this was hands down the best, and at P45, it was definitely the winner.

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