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5 New Getaways To Visit With AirAsia’s Travel Promo


From January 15 to 28, 2018, AirAsia is offering low fares on several in-demand domestic and international destinations.

Just log onto AirAsia’s New Getaways page to start picking your travel dates and destinations. With travel dates from February to May of this year, and one-way fares as low as P675, there’s plenty to get excited about! 

Read on for a list of our five favorites from the airline’s most sought-after destinations.


Experience: The Philippine Eagle Center

Photo courtesy of Manongmar via Youtube


More modest than a zoo, this center keeps large, magnificent birds native to the Philippines in roomy natural aviaries and environments.

It’s an important facility in our country for educating people about the endangered animals under their protection, such as the famed Monkey-Eating Eagle.


Experience: Chocolate Moron and Binagol

Photo courtesy of Proud to be Filipino

Adventurous foodies will love the street-sold delicacies, desserts, and barbecue in this city. One particular treat to look out for is the moron, made with cooked rice simmered in coconut milk. This Tacloban specialty comes with a dash of cocoa!

Binagol, on the other hand, is a pastry steamed inside coconut shells with taro root, sugar, and eggs.

Try them at food markets and street stalls throughout the city!


Experience: Camina Balay nga Bato

Photo courtesy of Noreen Mae Orquinaza via

Camina gives you a historical introduction to Iloilo that’s a treat for all the senses. It includes a video presentation and tour of an ancestral house, capped off with the house’s specialty hot chocolate and biscuit.

Book ahead with a big group to try their organic meals prepared fresh from the house garden. The renowned molo soup is a must-try for first-time diners!

Puerto Princesa

Experience: The Subterranean River National Park

Photo courtesy of The Backpack Adventures

Explore one of the proud UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the Philippines with a boat ride into an eerie, sunken cave. This natural wonder is packed with jaw-dropping moments from your short walk through the Palawan jungle to the 300 meter-high cave dome.

Bring a flashlight to clearly see the intricate details of the cave!

 Jakarta, Indonesia

Experience: Ancol Dreamland

Photo courtesy of Vizts

Ancol is an entertainment hub for the whole family, perfect for short visits to the city. Spend time by the well-kept beaches and have a picnic at the resplendent Ocean Eco Park.

Teens and thrill-seekers alike will love exploring Dunai Fantasi (Fantasy World), a hair-raising theme park experience complete with roller coasters, a log flume, spinning cups, and a drop tower.

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