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Fashionista Hero Wins In ‘Design The PayMaya Superhero’ Contest

Mar 27, 2018 9:00:00 AM


The winners of the “Design The PayMaya Superhero” contest have been awarded on stage at ComicCon Asia 2018.

Now it’s time to get up close and personal with the designers whose characters stood out from the pack and nabbed them a spot in the Top 3!

Kimberly Martinez

Grand Winner

This talented young designer graduated two years ago with an Advanced Diploma in Gaming and Animation Technology from Informatics Computer Institute in Imus, Cavite.

Kimberly started drawing at the young age of two! “I do both traditional and digital design, but [now] I’m focused primarily on digital.”

This is the first time she’s created a superhero, but the imagination and detail that went into her character made her the top contender in the contest.

“Her name is Euphemia, or Pmy for short. She’s half-cyborg, half-human,” she said. “As a cyborg, she’s got super strength and super hearing that helps her to hear anyone who’s in trouble and help them. She’s able to access all computer networks, to connect to the internet and manage all the data.”

But Kimberly made sure Euphemia isn’t all business. “I thought a superhero fashionista would be perfect,” she said. 

Design and Concept by Kimberly Martinez

Euphemia (Pmy for short)

/you-fem-ee-yah/, /fee-me/

The Half-Cyborg Heroine

“Whether it’s an afternoon shopping dilemma or an alien invasion,

Pmy will surely be here to save us all!”


Allen Noche

First Runner-Up

Our first runner-up, a creative director, used his background in drawing and illustration to create his twin super heroines.

“When PayMaya released a contest on creating a character, I thought up two characters: Peya and Meya, based on the PayMaya name,” he shared. “Peya is the one sending at blinding speeds: multiple transactions concurrently happening. And then, complementary character Meya is the guardian of all transactions, meaning she keeps safe all of the transactions that Peya sends.”

For him, these abilities are what embodies the PayMaya app and the good it can do for its users.

Design and Concept by Allen Noche

P3IA and M3IA (Peya and Meya)

/pay-yah/, /may-yah/

The Twin Guardians of Cyberspace

“P3ia and M3ia are as inseparable as Yin and Yang,

and are sentient beings from cyberspace and on digital devices.”


Michael Christopher Yapo

Second Runner-Up

Michael has some experience with character (and superhero!) design from his Multimedia / Animation Technology course. He cites favorites Iron Man and the Flash as inspirations for his hero entry.

“R.E.T.R.O. means ‘Radical Enforces Through Rapid Operation,’” he said. “Basically ang power niya, nanggagaling sa suot niyang suit, which is high technology. He is able to move fast and in between different dimensions.”

He said his idea for R.E.T.R.O. comes from PayMaya’s logo and technology, and the product’s influence on his generation.

Design and Concept by Michael Christopher Yapo

R.E.T.R.O. (Radical Enforces Through Rapid Operation)


The High-Tech Speedster

R.E.T.R.O. posses unlimited super speed and the ability to move between dimensions

using his advanced and high-capability suit. He can move instantaneously,

making him virtually impossible to defeat.”

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