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5 Thoughtful Non-Material Gifts To Give For Christmas 2018

Nov 22, 2018 9:00:00 AM


Shopping for more than 20 people? Too strapped for time buy gifts at the mall? On a bootleg budget this Christmas? It may be time to start looking for digital gift options online.

Contrary to popular belief, giving a non-material or digital gift isn’t less personal or thoughtful than giving an actual item. If it fits your recipient’s needs and personality, it may even be a better option.

Here are some digital gift ideas that even you would be happy to receive:

 A new eBook

Anywhere from PHP 200 – 900

Photo courtesy of the Google Play Store

Buying someone an eBook either means that you know them well enough to judge what they like, or you want to share one of your favorites with them. Either way, it doesn’t get more personal than that!

The Book Section of the Google Play Store is a great place to shop for eBook gifts! Anyone with a Google account can shop there, it stocks both the classics and the best new releases, all the prices are in peso, and you can use your PayMaya card to pay upon checkout!

Photo courtesy of the Google Play Store

 Get started by logging into your gmail account, visiting, and get shopping!

A donation to a charity of their choice

Any amount starting from P1,000

A gift like this will be better appreciated by your parents and elder relatives, who can buy what they want and, frankly, have a bigger budget.

Photo courtesy of WWF Philippines

The local chapters of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the United Nations International Chidren’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) both allow online donations via your PayMaya Visa or Mastercard.

Photo courtesy of UNICEF Philippines

Best of all, they even tell you exactly what the amount you choose to donate can do for the beneficiaries of the foundation, whether that’s the Whale Sharks or the children of impoverished communities.

Visit the WWF Philippines donation page, the UNICEF Philippines donation page, or search for more charities online to get started donating!

 Game credits

Anywhere from PHP 700 – 1,000

If your recipient is an online or mobile gamer, make life easier for them by buying them a refill on Garena Shells, LevelUp eGame ePoints, Mobile Legends MOLPoints, or Steam credits!

Just sign into your PayMaya app, tap Shop, tap Gaming, and choose the package you want to purchase.

To give your chosen package as a gift, just tap Send as gift and enter the person’s mobile number!

 Gym Class Passes or Membership

Anywhere from PHP 799 – 2,399

Photo courtesy of GuavaPass


A GuavaPass membership is an ideal gift for the fitness nut or anyone who wants to get in better physical shape. It’s basically a digital pass that allows you to take classes in different gyms and studios all around the Metro!

The classes also cover a variety of physical exercises and activities, from yoga and HITT to boxing and pole dancing.

Photo courtesy of GuavaPass


Best of all, you can choose to go to locations and classes in whichever area on Manila you want!

To give a GuavaPass as a gift, just visit the Manila GuavaPass Gift Site, choose your package, and finish up the process by paying with your PayMaya Visa or Mastercard!

A Digital Aguinaldo via PayMaya 

Any amount as long as you have an upgraded account! 

If you’d rather give your recipient the freedom to decide what in the wide, wide universe of the internet they want as a gift, send them PayMaya credits in the form of a digital aguinaldo!

With PayMaya, they can use those credits to purchase on any site that allows Visa or Mastercard debit card payments, so the sky’s the limit!

To send a digital aguinaldo, just log in to your PayMaya app, tap Send Money, enter the person’s mobile number and the amount you want to send, review the details, and tap Send! It’s that simple.

If your recipient doesn’t have their own PayMaya account, they will get an SMS notification about the receipt of the digital aguinaldo and be invited to download the app and sign up for one!


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