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5 Best Heroes You Can Play In Mobile Legends

Dec 10, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
 is the most-played multiplayer online battle arena type of mobile game for Android and iOS. There are more than 70 heroes or characters you can choose to represent you in the game.

Of course, these heroes have their own unique personalities, skills, and roles in the game. It’s up to you to make use of those information to be able to help your team in the battlefield.

Newbie or expert, here are some of the best heroes you can pick to help you win the match:


Gusion is an assassin and can lock on to target enemies to easily chase them. He moves so fast and can fly to the marked enemy to hunt them down in the duration of the game.  He can also kill an enemy with his combo specialties and high damage per second.

Gusion can work well in many different strategies and can kill enemy marksmen very easily.



Claude is a marksman and can work with a lot of different team compositions, position or role. He can give a decent amount of damage to multiple enemies and kill minions fast. He helps the team by stealing the attack speed of any enemy, thus making him a great back-up. He attacks and escapes quickly.

Claude also has a shield and can give damage to multiple enemies in his area. This makes him the best verstile hero to use for any strategy.



Martis is a fighter and can work well in different places and team compositions. His extraordinary mobility makes him extra strong and he can push enemies around to prevent them from fighting back.

This makes him a good crowd controller to defeat minions easily.



Gatotkaca is a strong tank and can jump out of nowhere to dive on enemies. He uses this as a crowd control where he can knock out all enemies in an area.

He is difficult to destroy when it comes to physical damage. All in all, he’s a versatile hero and is fun to play.



Lunox is a mage and a strong one at that. She can give high damage to enemies plus send spells to push them out of the way, and has a light and dark form.  

She has great mobility and escape skill which allows her to avoid getting damaged by enemies.


Who are your most favorite heroes? What about your least favorites? With over 70 heroes and still growing, there will surely be a lot of time to try them all out.

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