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A Day in A Life of A Freelancer: Corrine Emata

Mar 17, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Interested in what it’s like to be a freelancer? We talked to four freelancers from the Philippines to share their story. 

Corrie Emata: Freelance Vlogger, 5 years

Cor is a techie mom who takes special interest in blogging and making videos, so she decided to use this to earn money on the side. She gives us a glimpse of the freelance life in the video below:

Q: How did you evolve as a freelancer?

I used to work for corporate, then I became an IT instructor for professionals. I got bored with the 8-5 na pasok, and fatigued from the commuting time from office to house. I went into a call center, and noticed para akong zombie. Uwi ka tulog ka, pasok ka uli. So that’s when I decided to become a freelancer, nagturo ako ng martial arts, Taekwondo. I said what more can I do, kasi I have no yaya, and I have 3 kids. So I started going to events, and I love video, so I did vlogging, started writing articles. ‘Yun ang mga sideline ko ngayon.

Q: What’s the best part about being a freelancer?

The best part about freelancing is the freedom of time. You can choose what time to work, what time you’ll wake up. If ever you have projects, freedom to choose to accept it or not. You also have the freedom to work anywhere, pwedeng nasa bahay ka lang, pwedeng outside kapag may family event. Flexibility ang pinakagusto ko. Hindi kaparehas ng corporate, talagang tight ‘yung time, pati ‘yung travel time mo ubos na agad.



Q: How do you typically receive payments from your clients?

They pay me through PayPal and other sources, but usually it’s PayPal. They told me, once you start online writing, you’re kind of obligated to open PayPal. One problem I have is that once you get the funds, hindi mo makuha ‘yung funds na binayad sakin. That’s what I like about PayMaya, kasi you can withdraw your PayPal funds to PayMaya.

Q: How has PayMaya made your life easier as a freelancer?


Q: What advice would you give to those who are considering freelance?

‘Pag freelance kailangan buo ‘yung loob mo na mag-stop ka na sa work mo. Expect mo sa freelance may ups and downs ‘yan eh. So papalpak ka, tapos mags-strive ka talaga eh. And once you start, don’t stop.Once you stop, it’ll be a weakness. Think of freelancing as a challenge. China-challenge mo ‘yung sarili mo and ‘yung capability mo. Then tell yourself, kaya mo pang-i-improve ‘yung sarili mo. Then this is for your family and everyone around you.



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