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5 Countries You Should Visit in 2019

Jan 8, 2019 9:00:00 AM


A brand new year could mean new travel goals for the jetsetters out there! Time to check out the chart of holidays and long weekends in 2019 and revisit your bucket list of dream countries.

Here are a few more that you should add to your list this year:



Taiwan is a small island in East Asia, just above top of Luzon. Because of its strategic location, there are a variety of tourist attractions to visit there.

It has a good mix of green mountainous areas and blue shores. Like most Asian countries, there are temples, memorial parks, and old streets where you can experience traditional activities.

Aside from Taipei 101, which is one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world, some of the famous tourist spots for Pinoys include the filming locations from the original Meteor Garden series.


Thailand is one of the fastest rising tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. There are pristine beaches, sacred temples, ancient ruins, and royal palaces.

Aside from famous Thai cuisine, Filipinos have learned to love Thai pop music, Thai tea, and Thai actors. Most tourists go here to experience the nightlife and the extraordinary way of shopping at the floating market.

Packaged tours to Thailand usually include neighboring countries of Vietnam and Cambodia.


Maldives is a tiny tropical country in the middle of the Indian Ocean. It is a part of South Asia known for its chain of little coral islands.

Its serene turquoise beaches, powder white sands, blue lagoons, and rich coral reefs are what make it famous around the world. This is why it has become the ultimate dream destination of beach lovers everywhere.

The scenery of being in the middle of aquamarine waters is also Instagram-worthy for most people.


Brazil is one of the countries in Latin America that offers visa-free visits from the Philippines.

It holds the biggest portion of the Amazon rain forest, which means you can experience the amazing jungle tour and river cruise. It also has a good mix of mountains and beaches where the scenic view of the Christ the Redeemer statue can be found!

If you wonder why there are a lot of Brazilian models and celebrities in the local entertainment scene, then you should visit the country where these beautiful people come from.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a small island just below India. It is one of the most underrated travel destinations in South Asia, and according to most travel blogs, this is the top country to visit this year so expect an influx of tourists.

Just like its neighboring countries, there are a lot of beaches, ancient ruins, holy temples, beautiful tea gardens, and diverse landscapes in Sri Lanka. Being a place of peace and quiet away from the city noise, this makes it the best yoga, meditation, and spa destination for wellness enthusiasts.

 While most frequent flyers are on to checking the rest of the countries in their bucket list, first timers start by exploring local tourist destinations before they venture internationally.

Whichever country you’re going to visit, search for travel promos and tour packages to make the trip more affordable. Airline companies offer seat sales for different destinations multiple times a year. You can also join contests that offer local and international trips as grand prizes.

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Happy travels, guys!

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