Send Money from PayMaya to Asian United Bank (AUB)

For those looking for the fastest, most convenient way to send money to an Asian United Bank (AUB) account, look no further because PayMaya is here to help. PayMaya’s extensive network of digital bank transfer services now includes smaller, trusted banks like AUB. If AUB is your financial institution of choice, or if you need to transact with an AUB account holder, use the PayMaya app to quickly send money. It will be a breeze to send up to PHP 20,000 per transaction to an AUB account with PayMaya. All you need are the recipient’s AUB account details and a working Internet connection!


Send Money - Maya

Banking for the Digital Age with Money Transfers From PayMaya to AUB

Transferring money from e-wallets to bank accounts is quickly becoming more popular in the Philippines. Fewer people are willing to risk going out and spend extra money to deposit cash physically at bank branches. Using an app like PayMaya enables one to send money to account holders of more than 40 Philippine banks including AUB. The process is straightforward, intuitive, and may soon become your default money transfer method to any bank.

When you use PayMaya, simple transactions like depositing money to an AUB account can be completed much faster. It only takes a minute or two for the sender to transfer money, and for the AUB account holder to receive it. Best of all, there is no need for either parties to go out and wait long for their transactions to be completed. As long as one has the PayMaya app, internet access, and the recipient’s account details, they can transfer money 24/7 in the comforts of their own home.

How to Send Money From PayMaya to AUB

  1. Tap on the PayMaya app and log into your account.
  2. When you’re at the Home screen, tap “Bank Transfer.”
  3. Select Asian United Bank Corporation (AUB) from the list, and key in the amount you
  4. want to transfer.
  5. Type your recipient’s AUB account details.
  6. Once done, tap “Continue.”
  7. Review your Send Money transaction details.
  8. If the details are accurate, tap “Send.”
  9. PayMaya will send an SMS notification that your transaction with AUB was successful.

Try Sending Money From PayMaya to Any AUB Account Today!

Whether you need to pay for products or services or send cash to a friend or family member, your bank transfer transaction will be a whole lot easier when you use the PayMaya app. Cashless and convenient money transfers to AUB are now possible with PayMaya!



About Asia United Bank Corporation (AUB)

asian united bank

Asia United Bank Corporation is the Rebisco Group’s banking arm. It obtained its full-branch commercial bank license in 1997. AUB clinched universal banking status and became publicly listed in 2013. AUB won a PRS Aa Plus rating from the Philippine Rating Services Corp. (PhilRatings) in 2019 for its leadership, competitive strategies, sound expense management, and rising interest income. AUB’s early adoption of innovative banking technologies garnered itself loyal following among consumers, retailers, and SMEs alike.

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