#ScanToPay at Prince Hypermarket

Established in 1990 by Robert L. Go, Prince Hypermart began as a small store with just one cash register. They used to be a small store that sold a range of household items, such as kitchenware and glassware, before they expanded in 1993. From then on, Prince Hypermart continued to open more branches and provide their customers with a wide variety of goods for affordable prices. As of 2019, Prince Hypermart has 58 stores across the Philippines.

Prince Hypermart also developed various innovations, such as the Prince Warehouse Club's Sari-Sari Store Society (SSS). This is a program geared toward helping sari-sari store owners grow their business by providing discounts and perks. In addition, they also introduced electronic payment systems to all their branches.

Today, Prince Hypermart is one of PayMaya’s hundreds of QR merchants. Customers can now pay for their purchases using their PayMaya accounts, giving them the flexibility they want. There are also certain bonuses, such as the occasional promos and special offers that give more value for money.

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How to #ScanToPay with PayMaya QR at Prince Hypermart

With PayMaya #ScanToPay, all grocery shoppers at Prince Hypermart can complete their transactions using only their smartphones. With the PayMaya app, it takes only three steps to pay for purchases:

Scan to Pay (1)
  1. Log in to your PayMaya app and tap “Scan to Pay” at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Point your camera on the merchant QR code to scan.
  3. Enter the amount and confirm.
After each transaction, you’ll receive a reference number. You can use this as documentation for any disputes, not to mention as a simple yet effective way of tracking your finances.

What’s great about using PayMaya at cashless merchants like Prince Hypermart is that it simplifies the shopping process. There’s no need to count bills and coins, which saves the time of both the shopper and the cashier.

Cashless payment methods like PayMaya QR also improve safety and security on two fronts. First, because it’s contactless, it minimizes the risk of transferring harmful viruses and bacteria. Second, due to the various security features, the customer’s account and privacy remains protected at all times.

#ScanToPay at Prince Hypermart Today

All you have to do to use #ScanToPay at Prince Hypermart and other PayMaya QR merchants is to download the PayMaya app. You can get it for free from the Apple App Store, Google Play, and Huawei App Gallery. Register using your mobile number and you’ll be all set. You can also verify and upgrade your account using one (1) government-issued ID to unlock more convenient features.

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