Cash in via Pay&Go

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Pay&Go self-service Kiosks

    1. Visit a Pay&Go kiosk and tap “Add Money” from the main menu.
    2. Type in the 7-Digit Add money code generated from the PayMaya App.
    3. Input your mobile number
    4. Review all details before pressing “PAY CASH”
    5. Insert the exact cash payment* into the machine. Once all bills are inserted, click “DONE”
    6. Get the acknowledgement receipt and wait for the confirmation text.

      *Pay & Go Self-service kiosks can only accept cash and does not dispense change. Any excess will be credited to MySukli. This can be used for the next transaction. Instructions are indicated in the receipt.
      *Minimum add money amount is Php100


Want to know more?
Visit the Frequently Asked Questions page below.

Add Money Code FAQs Page