Get more with PayMaya!

Send money to family and friends,
and withdraw money from ATMs.

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Upgrade your account
to enjoy more features!

: PayMaya and its official representatives will never ask for your PayMaya password, 16-digit card number, and One-Time Password (OTP), nor charge you to upgrade your account.

Send money to
other PayMaya users
Withdraw from any
BancNet ATMs here
and abroad through
the physical card
Increase monthly limit
from P50,000
to P100,000

How to upgrade
your PayMaya account

1. Log in to your PayMaya account. Once in the app, click on MENU then select UPGRADE MY ACCOUNT (for Android) or tap MORE then UPGRADE FOR FREE (for iOS).

2. Fill out the required information and upload the following before you click on SUBMIT: 

  • Photo of your valid ID/s – You need at least one (1) primary ID or two (2) secondary IDs. Make sure all IDs are clear and visible in the photo.
  • Liveness clip*
  • Other required documents

*The Liveness Video Clip is a new requirement wherein you need to capture and upload a short "selfie" video in lieu of the required face-to-face validation with our Upgrade Officers.

**When taking the Liveness Video Clip, you must follow the instructions onscreen and take note of the required gestures. Please make sure not to cover any part of your face (remove all accessories) and remember to position your head / face properly in the video capture frame.



3. You will receive a verification code through the app and via SMS. If you do not receive a status update after 24 hours, you may contact our customer service hotline and provide your verification code as reference.

4. Depending on the status of your upgrade request, you might be required to tap on the START VIDEO CALL button in the app for a face-to-face video call with an Upgrade Officer who will validate your application.
Once your request is approved, you can instantly enjoy all the features of your upgraded PayMaya account!

 Icon_LightBulb   Tips:


  1. For minors (17 years old and below), aside from  preparing your own IDs, you will need to present your parent's/guardian's valid IDs (also based on the list of accepted primary and secondary IDs), signed parental consent form, a copy of your birth certificate, and proof of legal guardianship (if applicable).

2.  If your account has been put on hold, make sure:

  1. You nominate only valid IDs (based on the list above).
  2. Your ID is entirely visible and clear.
  3. Your ID will not expire within three (3) months  from submission.
  4. The information you submit (in-app) is consistent with the ID you uploaded.