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What is an OTP and why is it needed?

Last update: December 19, 2019

OTP or One-Time Password
is a unique 6-character code that is sent only to your registered PayMaya number. This is always sent when you log-in to a new device and will enable you to access your account. After you enter your log-in details, you will be asked to enter the OTP to successfully log-in. One OTP is valid for 5 minutes. 

When you go beyond 30 seconds without entering the OTP, you can request for a new code. 

OTP provides another layer of online protection and security for your account. This prevents other people, such as scammers and fraud If your user ID and password have been compromised to a fraudster, the login process will not be completed without the correct OTP that is sent to your registered mobile number. This prevents others from accessing your Online Banking account. 

About PayMaya

PayMaya Philippines, Inc. (formerly Smart eMoney, Inc.) is the pioneer in mobile money and payments and is a subsidiary of Voyager Innovations, the digital innovations company of PLDT and Smart. 

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