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5 Ways To Give Back This Holiday Season

Every day is a chance to make a positive difference, but moreso during Christmas or the season of giving!

Now is the time to double or triple the things we do to give back and share the blessings we have received.

If you’re just starting to plan on giving thanks this holiday season, here are some ideas you can try!

 Increase your tip

When you go out and eat in restaurants for your get-togethers, don’t forget to increase your tip to the servers. They tend to extend their shifts during this season, and small gestures like this can surely brighten up their day or compensate for their hard work.

 Donate old items

The year is ending, so it’s the perfect time to scavenge for old clothes in your closet or old things in your cabinets or cupboards!

You can donate them directly to your family members or chosen community. Another option is to bring them to the local church or welfare organization that donates them to the less fortunate!

 Volunteer for charity work

Holiday vacation means no work or school. You can spend your free time volunteering in your neighborhood or community to do charitable tasks.

Lending a helping hand means a lot for these groups. You can choose your local orphanage or home for the aged, or even NGOs that help the poor families around the city.

 Support UNICEF products

If you can’t be physically present in these activities, you can opt to purchase kits or vitamins from UNICEF to give as gifts instead!

Best of all, they’re also available on UNICEF’s official Lazada store! This is a good way to turn your online Christmas shopping into gift-giving.

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 Send money to others

Most of the time, small boosts to someone’s budget can give way to showing others gratitude. Why not make the holiday season merrier by sending money to the people who have made a mark and have helped you this year?

This could be your household helper, your building’s security guard, the janitors, public service staff like policemen and firemen, and othes who continue to make your everyday life easier. Send them a #DigitalPamasko today with PayMaya!

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 Whichever you choose, make sure it’s from the heart. Sincerity is the most important part of choosing to give back.

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