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Start Right In 2018 With These Useful Apps

Dec 26, 2017 9:00:00 AM

The new year is the best time to try out something new. Equip yourself for the challenges of the coming year and the resolutions you want to keep with this list of apps.


Sleep Tracking

You have to sleep more to make a real change in how you feel day-to-day. Doctors recommend that adults get between seven and nine hours of sleep every night. We know how difficult this is to manage, as work piles up and your list of Netflix shows gets longer and longer.

Our pick: Runtastic
iOS, Android
Free, In-App Purchases

                       Photo courtesy of David Laurent via PhonAndroid

 This choice stands out because everyone who sleeps less than they should does so for different reasons. Runtastic lets you jot those reasons down, building a comprehensive picture of your late night (or early morning) habits.


Speaking of seeing the bigger picture, journaling is a proven method for achieving a sense of order. Record the milestones of your life by putting them into words, providing context to the hundreds of photos and videos you take throughout the year.

Our pick: Day One
iOS, Free
macOS, US $39.99

                    Photo courtesy of Flavio Francisco via Menosfios

This immersive, beautifully designed app takes you on a journey from the moment you open it up. It records the photos, weather, and locations of events you’d like to remember. It emulates the experience of jotting down your memories pen-to-paper and scrapbooking in a way only an interactive app can provide, with access to information about the events you experience, like miles walked and what the weather happened to be that day.

An important part of any journaling app is that it syncs across all of the devices you have. Typing out long-form essays is always going to be more comfortable on a laptop than a phone.


A good note-taking app will help organize your work and personal schedule. You should also be able to easily set scheduled alerts on an app which stores things you want to remember.

Our pick: Google Keep
iOS, Android, Web

                     Photo courtesy of Enterprise Database Corporation

Search through hundreds of the notes you’ll be taking this year, and get results in a split second—something we often wish was possible on our vintage leather-bound notebooks. Make lists, set tags, and write long notes with this all-encompassing app from Google. You can also collaborate on a note with other Keep users. Designed like little Post-Its, it’s a very familiar way to set reminders and tasks in sequence.

All of our recommended apps are available on either Google Play or the iOS App Store, and unlocking full features is easy with PayMaya for in-app purchases.

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