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5 Cool Things To Do On Your Next Baguio Trip

Jan 25, 2019 9:00:00 AM


It’s always a good time to visit Baguio! The city has been the ultimate go-to place of Manileños who want to get out of the polluted concrete jungles of Metro Manila. Of course, foreign tourists also go there for the scenic spots and cool ambiance.

If you’ve never been and are not sure what to do on your next trip to the City of Pines, here are a few suggestions:

#1  Walk through all of the parks

 The numerous parks in Baguio are the most visited areas in the city. Places like Burnham Park, Mines View Park, Camp John Hay, Baguio Botanical Garden, Igorot Park, Panagbenga Park, and Mt. Pulag National Park are just some of the many public areas that you can visit if you want to experience nature up close.

An entire day is not enough to have a park-hopping tour in Baguio!

#2  Immerse with the native villagers

 There are villages in the hillside outskirts of the city that are open to the public such as the Ifugao Woodcarvers’ Village and the Tam-Awan Village. These are the places where you can find traditional northern huts where you can take photos while wearing their traditional attire.

They’ve even turned some areas of the village into mini museums where you can see the items they use on a daily basis and experience their livelihood such as weaving and woodcarving!

#3  Shop for fresh fruits and vegetables at the Baguio City Public Market

 Bring your baskets and bayongs because you’ll want to take home fresh produce back to Manila!

The public market is the central location where you can find all the freshly harvested fruits, vegetables, and other edibles from the surrounding mountainous regions and fields.

#4  Fill your fruit basket at the strawberry farm

 Strawberries are a popular treat among Baguio travelers. If you want to experience picking strawberries and finding other strawberry-flavored food such as jams, taho, and ice cream, head to the strawberry fields and be amazed at the pinkish red heart-shaped fruit all around you.

Don’t forget to talk to the farmers to make sure you get only the ripe ones!

#5  Look for awesome fashion finds at the ukay-ukay shops

 Baguio is also known as a thrift shopping destination and home to many ukay-ukay shops and stalls. You can even find it along streets and night markets.

If you know how to haggle and check for quality pieces and fabrics, it’s easy to shop for affordable pieces for your next #OOTD!

 There are a lot of things to do in Baguio and spending time there never gets old. There are museums, famous landmarks, extreme adventures, religious locations, restaurants, and scenic views.

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