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Tips to Remember When Upgrading via eKYC

Aug 6, 2019 1:03:00 PM

Have you delayed upgrading your PayMaya account because of dreading having to do a video call verification? Either that or perhaps you just can't squeeze in the video call in your busy schedule! No worries, we get you! That’s why we made upgrading your PayMaya account even faster and easier!

Now you can upgrade your account without having a video call with a PayMaya Upgrade Officer. You just need to fill out the Upgrade Application Form in the app, upload a clear photo of your valid ID, and record a guided video selfie!

Before you hit the "Upgrade for free" button, here are a few helpful tips to make your upgrade process as smooth as possible: 

#1 Use a strong a stable connection


The upgrade process will still be through the PayMaya app so make sure to have a strong and stable internet connection to avoid getting disconnected. You wouldn’t want to re-type your information and repeat the video selfie.


#2 Fill out the Upgrade Application Form correctly


Don’t rush in filling out your application form. Before submitting it and proceeding to the next step, make sure to have your name, mobile number, e-mail address, and other personal details correct so you can easily access and retrieve your account later on. 


#3 Take a clear photo of your valid ID

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After filling out the upgrade application form, you will be asked to submit a photo of your valid ID. Since this will be your main source of identification, see to it that you take a clear photo of it. Here’s a tip, you need not only a clear photo but also one that shows all the details. In short, no part of the valid ID should be hidden or cut out from the photo.

More importantly, check if your ID is accepted as a primary ID in account upgrades. See the list of accepted IDs via


#4 Follow instructions carefully in your video selfie


Instead of a video call, you will be asked to take a guided video selfie wherein you need to look up, down, left, and right. This is to verify that the PayMaya account belongs to a real person whose identity matches the submitted ID. If you’re an iPhone user, the process is similar to registering your phone’s Face ID. Nail your video selfie by recording it in a well-lit area so you can be seen clearly.

There you have it! You're all set to upgrade your PayMaya account using the new verification process. For now, the new eKYC process is only available for Android users. But no worries, it will be available for in iOS soon enough! With an upgraded account, you can send money to other PayMaya users, withdraw at Bancnet ATM using a PayMaya card, and your account limit will go up to P100,000 from P50,000. Upgrading your PayMaya is a must-do, so if you haven't yet, upgrade your account today! 


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