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5 Things Every Kid Raised by their Grandparents Will Understand

Sep 23, 2019 3:12:00 PM

Having memories of your doting grandparents whom you see every summer is one thing. But growing up with them, seeing them every day, and living in their care as they practically raised you as their own is another.  

If you’re one of those lucky kids who has a special bond with their grandparents, you’ve probably experienced these things below. 

#1 Old songs are basically your jam


From ‘tie a yellow ribbon’ to ‘dancing queen’, you basically grew up listening to your grandparents’ records. May it be Abba, The Beatles, BeeGees, or Elvis Presley, you surely have a few songs memorized by heart, which you can perfectly belt out in any karaoke session. 

#2 You’ve heard the same story a hundred times


You’ve gotten used to the fact that every phrase starting with “Noong panahon namin…” comes with a long story about your grandparents’ early years. While it’s most likely a story that you’ve heard them talk about numerous times before, you always end up listening until they’re done. Definitely deserving of the ‘best apo award’! 

#3 There’s an instant traditional remedy for every injury


Growing up with your grandparents means that with every pain comes an instant traditional remedy. You’ve experienced having ‘oregano smoothie’ for your cough, boiled leaves for your sprained ankle, and a go-to ‘manghihilot’ for just about any suffering.

#4 You need to constantly explain about tech things


It’s frustrating to explain to your grandparents that your aunts abroad can see and hear you because it’s a video call. But you’ve mostly mastered this skill, so explaining things like texting, memes, Facebook, and taking selfies to them has turned into a simple routine.


#5 You feel lucky to have two old souls who love you dearly


Most of your friends have moms and dads, but not everyone is as lucky as you by having to experience growing up with your grandparents. Despite the shortcomings, you ultimately feel blessed to have two extra people who love you like their own kid. This is why you’ve gained a skill that not everyone has; your ability to easily get along with older people. 

Now that you’ve probably strolled down the memory lane about everything your grandparents have done for you, don't let responsibilities stop you from making them feel loved! Make any day a perfect time to treat them out or buy them gifts as a way of your appreciation.  

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