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Take Care of School Tuition, Fees, and Baon with PayMaya

Oct 30, 2020 9:46:00 AM

Despite the many constraints brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, many parents still wish for their children to receive a good education. There are many students, too, who desire to continue learning and invest in their future. There’s no doubt that many aspects of school life—including payments for school-related expenses—have changed quite drastically. But there are still ways that parents can take care of finances for their children’s schooling, and for kids to have a healthy, productive, and satisfying school life.

PayMaya is helping families stay on top of their education goals. Many schools in the Philippines now accept tuition payments through PayMaya, which gives parents a convenient option for settling school-related dues and fees. Moreover, PayMaya can be used to settle payments for other educational needs, like equipment for online learning, school supplies, and daily allowance. Here’s how both parents and students can use PayMaya to their advantage given the new challenges of the school year.

How PayMaya Helps Parents and Students Prepare for the School Year

A Safe and Reliable Way to Pay for School Expenses

The default method for settling school-related expenses like tuition and school fees used to be paying onsite and in person. But now, parents can pay for these at their convenience, and from a safe distance, using PayMaya. The same goes for adjacent needs like learning materials, which can be bought online or in-store using the PayMaya e-wallet if the merchant accepts PayMaya. Whether they choose to settle school-related expenses from home or onsite, parents can be assured of safe, reliable, and contactless payment.

Timely Receipt of School-Related Funds

PayMaya also guarantees a quick transfer of funds to the recipient. If parents transfer tuition and school fees via PayMaya, they can be sure the school receives their payment on time. This decreases the chance of being penalized with late payment fees. The app will also be of great help to students who get their allowance or baon through PayMaya. They can receive and use the money in their e-wallet right away. This beats waiting for cash or making the trip to withdraw it from the ATM.

Students Can Get Awesome Perks

PayMaya’s Balik Bayad program is popular for its cashback rewards. Some of these will prove a hit with students as well as parents. If students use PayMaya to pay for everyday expenses, like food or school supplies, they can get additional cashbacks, promos, or discounts as a result. It will be much easier to stay on a “student budget” thanks to these!

Students Can Learn to Budget and Pay for Their Expenses

Using a PayMaya e-wallet can also impart high school and college students with a sense of financial responsibility. The app makes it easy to track and account for expenses, which can teach even younger students the value of budgeting wisely. This is a life skill that they will need to practice even after they graduate, so it’s good to have a way to start them early.

School-Related Payments You Can Settle with PayMaya


There’s now a growing number of schools that accept PayMaya for tuition payments, and some institutions even issue student IDs that double as payment cards. The school your children are enrolled in may have included PayMaya among their list of accepted payment options. Check if it’s possible, and see if you need to make a one-time tuition payment or can choose to stagger the payment across the semester.

School Fees

Along with tuition, you may also be able to settle other school fees through PayMaya, such as those for textbooks or school uniforms. Find out what items are included in the school fees, calculate the total costs, and transfer via PayMaya to the school’s account.


Once you’ve settled your dues with the school, it may also be time to buy additional equipment for your kids’ online learning. Perhaps it’s time to get a new study desk, some good earphones, and a microphone to make them more comfortable in their virtual classroom. You can buy these online and pay using the PayMaya app, or do a contactless purchase at a store.

School Supplies

Though the shift to online learning may require your kids to use more tech, they’ll still need paper, writing materials, and other school supplies. Head to the bookstore, or find their online counterpart, and pay for the items you need with your PayMaya balance.  


Lastly, both you and your kids can register for PayMaya so that they can receive their allowance on the app. Use PayMaya to send baon to your child’s account, and they can be the ones to settle their meals, transport, and other expenses. Again, this will be a good exercise in independence and financial responsibility for them!

Secure Your Child’s Education with PayMaya

The times are changing, but a fulfilling school life is a gift that will endure forever. PayMaya can help you secure the financial aspects of your child’s schooling—and pave the way for a great education.

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