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10 Ways To Step Up Your Noche Buena Preparations This Year (Clone)

Noche Buena may be the one night a year where the entire family is gathered as one, so it’s time to pull out all the stops!

Make this year’s dinner an event to remember with the following tips:

 #1  Look up sophisticated “big-dish” recipes

If you don’t know how to make a specific dish, the next step for most people is to look up a recipe online.

However, most recipes you’ll find on the internet serve around one to three people. That’s a no-no during a family event like Noche Buena!

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Search for “big-batch” recipes—that is, recipes that serve more than five people. These don’t have to be regular party fare like spaghetti, either. Browse on specialty recipe sites like Tasty for fancier options that will wow the family! 

How does a Holiday Seafood Pot this Christmas sound?

 #2   Use quality ingredients in your Christmas cooking

This can be as simple as using real vanilla beans in your dessert preparation, choice cuts of steak meat, or fresh greens for your salads.

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party fare

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 #3   Order your desserts online for a hassle-free dinner experience…

It’s now easier than ever to order desserts online through delivery services like Honestbee!

They’ve got dozens of specialty dessert places to choose from, like J.CO Donuts, Mrs. Fields, Brownies Unlimited, Caramia, Auntie Anne’s, and Paper Moon.

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Order your donuts, cakes, and more from Honestbee and pay with your PayMaya for easy cashless transactions and delivery right to your doorstep!

 #4   … Or challenge yourself to make your own dessert, if you have time

It can be anything from a quick and easy bibingka to a no-bake cherry cheesecake! You can search for a step-by-step guide on All Recipes, a compendium of recipes from people from all over the world.

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If you’re missing any ingredients, you can always shop them online at a discount with PayMaya and MetroMart.

 #5   Prepare a few before-dinner appetizers for guests to munch

It’s important to keep any early arrivals satisfied while you’re putting the finishing touches on dinner!

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Follow the high-class “grazing table” trend and prepare a simple cheese and crackers arrangement in the living room? It might be a good alternate use for the traditional kesong puti!

 #6   Create an ambiance in the dining room through lighting or scents

Lighting and smells are important for creating a relaxed feel within your dining room!  Try setting out setting out orange peels or cinnamon sticks in dishes to keep the room smelling good.

You can also opt to lower the glare of your electrical lighting and adding a few lit candles to your table setting for a cozier, more intimate setting!

 #7   Add a little something special to your table decor or place settings

Make those dream table settings you see on Pinterest a reality this Christmas with fancy place mats, nice tablecloths, or even carefully arranged origami!

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 #8   Add a few mini-games during dinner for extra fun

Who says all you can do during dinner is eat? Add a few non-disruptive activities to the latter half of your dinner, especially if you have small kids (or kids at heart) to amuse!

For example, hide a peso bill or gift check beneath one of the plates or guests’ chairs for them to find! It fosters the spirit of giving, and keeps the excitement going.

 #9   Serve traditional Christmas drinks like eggnog or hot chocolate

The nights are getting colder, so warm the family up with mugs of eggnog or hot chocolate made from scratch!

Both are simple to make, and need very few ingredients. Eggnog, for example, only needs fresh milk, egg yolks, heavy cream, and granulated sugar.

 #10  Hold a few after-dinner activities for the family

Get everyone moving after dinner to wake them up out of their food coma!

Split the family up into teams for a few rounds of Pinoy Henyo, board games, or group charades! These don’t take up a lot of space, and won’t mess up any Christmas decorations you have around the house.

Setting up a memorable Noche Buena may require a lot of planning, but the smiles on everyone’s faces will make it worth it in the end.

We hope you found these tips helpful!

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