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Solve 3 Common Travel Mishaps using PayMaya

May 27, 2019 9:00:00 AM


Even with careful planning, there are pesky travel mishaps that often seem to happen no matter the destination. These problems may be simple but they make a big difference on the trip as a whole. Good thing you have the perfect travel companion, your PayMaya card, to help avoid these problems!

Here are three common travel issues that you might experience and how you can solve them by using your PayMaya:

 #1 Experiencing card problems online


From time to time, many of us encounter problems with our debit or credit cards. For instance, we may incur additional charges due to technical problems, or lose track of our expenses and end up overspending!

With PayMaya, it’s all simple. Once you’ve chosen your flight or accommodation and already have the total amount you need to pay, just add money to your PayMaya account using Instapay, and proceed to using PayMaya as your payment method online. For additional safety, you can book in trusted websites like AgodaTraveloka, and

 #2 You encounter a cashless shop


When you travel abroad, it’s a must to visit and try out their best restaurants and souvenir shops. It’s not often that you’ll encounter cashless shops but it’s better to be prepared. Just make sure to add money to your PayMaya account before your trip so you can use your PayMaya card when you find yourself in a cashless shop. No cash or foreign currency? No problem!

 #3 You went over the budget and ran out of cash


Going on a trip always includes setting aside extra pocket money, but sometimes you pass by a hidden gem of a shop or restaurant and end up spending too much! When this happens, you can always pull out your reliable travel partner a.k.a. PayMaya card to save the day.

So before your trip, make sure to add money to your account or send that text to your family or friends to send you money via PayMaya.

 You’re officially equipped in case you encounter any of these travel mishaps on your next trip.

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