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PUBG vs. ROS: Similarities and Differences

Jan 28, 2019 9:00:00 AM


Another type of popular mobile game genre is the “multiplayer online battle royale,” a setup in which a hundred or more players battle it out within a single map for the glory of being the last man (or woman!) standing.

For this comparison, we will look into PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile and Rules of Survival (ROS)two of the most widely played battle royale games in the Philippines. Given the similarities in game setup, most non-players find it difficult to tell the two apart at first glance.

If you’re wondering which to start with, here are a few similarities and differences to consider:


#1  Parachuting to the island location



Both games start with all the characters on a moving plane to be dropped on a remote island setting.

Players are able to control where exactly on the map they would want to jump from the plane, as well as the altitude level in which they want to release the parachute.


#2  First few minutes dedicated to finding gear and weapons



As the characters are unarmed and unprepared for battle, they need to search the grounds for weapons and gear as soon as they land on the island.

The strategy here is to select a dropping point with the most easy access to items.

#3  Map and surroundings



Though they differ in the number of available maps you can choose from, the setting is always the same: a secluded island with abandoned buildings surrounded by hills, trees, and grasslands.

#4  Playable game space shrinks as time runs out



To add to the suspense and for the players to easily cross paths with each other, the area size of the playable ground decreases over time.

Everyone needs to stay within the allowed enclosure to remain in the game.


#1  Graphics



ROS has better, sharper, and crisper graphics. It looks realistic and appealing even on mobile.

PUBG has monotonous colors and angular visuals.

#2  Gameplay



In terms of the availability of loot, the differentiation of weapons and gear, survival tactics, and the whole gaming experience, PUBG is more serious, realistic, challenging, and exciting according to expert gamers.

ROS is just easier and quicker to play which is perfect for beginners to the battle royale genre.

#3  Customizable characters



Though you are just a random unnamed character in both games, you can customize the physical attributes of your chosen character in PUBG.

In ROS, you can only select a pre-made character to play with.

#4  Number of players per battle



PUBG only allows 100 players in the battlefield at a time. ROS can accommodate up to 120 players.

While it means more fun with more players, the waiting time to join a match might take longer due to the progress of filling up all the slots.

 It really depends on the avid gamer to say which is better between the two. They offer the same thrill and excitement of battling it out with other gamers worldwide and reigning supreme in the end as the sole survivor.

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