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PayMaya widens travel opportunities for non-credit cardholders

Feb 11, 2016 9:00:00 AM

PayMaya App allows you to book and purchase flights and accommodations online without a credit card.

We save to travel to our dream destinations. We follow airlines on Facebook for seat sales. We read about must-see places, many in our bucket list of things to do, and experience in our lifetimes. But what will you do if you don’t have a credit card? Now, you can book and purchase flights and accommodations with PayMaya, the newest digital payments innovation from Smart eMoney, Inc.

Pay online with a reloadable virtual Visa card

PayMaya is the first app in the Philippines that allows anyone to book flights and accommodations online in the easiest way yet so anyone can purchase airline tickets and reserve hotel bookings. All you have to do is go to the Google Play Store or App Store, download the PayMaya mobile app, and register with just your mobile number. Your own PayMaya card number will be instantly generated by the app for immediate reloading and use. You can then go ahead and purchase your airline ticket and hotel booking online at the checkout or payment page.

Still Paying Over-the-Counter?

While airlines do offer other payment options such as over-the-counter cash at certain banks, malls, and convenience stores, they pose certain limitations. First, payment centers are dependent on operating hours for accepting payments. Second, if you aren’t able to pay by end of the day–the day you made your booking–your reservation, whether domestic or international,  will expire and be cancelled. You must then create another reservation that will again be dependent on the trip’s availability. This affects customers who don’t have the time to line up and pay at crowded payment centers. Now if you’re out lining up also means that you might miss the sudden seat sales that come out at random points throughout the day. Should the sale happen at night, you’ll have to wait till next day to secure it, and go back to the long lines, when the payment centers open.


“Belong Anywhere” with Airbnb. Now you can with PayMaya

Now what if the more spirited traveller in you prefers the more rustic country home experience, or a suburban bungalow, or even the more quaint yet authentic city dwelling? PLDT and Smart’s newest partner, Airbnb, has been bringing these one-of-a-kind experiences to the new online generation. Their mission, “Belong Anywhere”, is evocative of their service’s unique nature. Airbnb helps people find beautiful places around the world where they can feel home away from home, whether it’s renting an apartment, an entire house, castle, or a villa. Customers can easily filter for listings according to their preferences such as privacy in private rooms versus whole apartments, amenities or budget. So to travellers, adventurers, those looking to experience new and different places, start searching for your next destination. Paying online? Now you can.