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PayMaya Travel 101: 5 Destinations To Visit this Long Weekend

Apr 17, 2019 9:00:00 AM


The long weekend is almost here! If you’ve been looking forward to it in between busy work or school days, there’s a great chance that you’ve already planned it out.

But for some of us who resort to last-minute planning because, let’s be honest, work life keeps us busy, we listed five places you can spend the long weekend at. It’s just a few hours away from the metro so no flights are needed, just the way any last-minute planning needs.

#1 Enjoy the cold Baguio breeze

 When you say summer, Baguio is probably the first destination that comes to mind, especially these days that the weather is getting hotter and hotter. Take advantage of the long weekend and enjoy the cool breeze up in Baguio. You can even enjoy different activities while you’re there.

#2 Get the perfect tan in Jomalig Island

 Jomalig is part of the popular Polilio Islands in Quezon Province. The boat trip going to the island from Real, Quezon will take at least four hours but we tell you, it’s super worth it. The island boasts its beautiful beaches with fine sand in both golden and white colors, clear blue waters, and even rock formations facing the Pacific Ocean. Your Instagram game will definitely be on the next level!

#3 Disconnect from the city in Cagbalete

 Just like Jomalig, Cagbalete is also an island in the province of Quezon. While the boat ride is shorter at 15 to 30 minutes, the island still offers a quiet place where you can relax and chill. Majority of the resorts offer cheap nipa huts you can rent for during your stay, giving you the feels of life in the province.

Don’t be surprised if a horse would suddenly pass by while you’re sitting by the beach. This is just a way of transportation for some of the locals.

#4 Pitch a tent in Magalawa Island

 If you’ve never camped out during a beach trip, Malagawa Island might just be the perfect place for you. You can bring your own tent or rent one so you can pitch it in the island and stay there for the night.

You will probably notice the abundance of starfishes in Malagawa’s shores. But always remember, you can look, you can take a picture, but never touch or move them from their places for the ‘gram, alright?

#5 Play with the waves in La Union

 Still saving up for a trip to Siargao? No worries! You can always go up north and stay in La Union to practice those surfing skills. Who knows? They might just come handy for your next trip.

If you get tired of surfing, take a break and try out the growing number of restaurants that has been making noise in the La Union beaches. You can have pizza, acai bowls, and of course, milk tea!

 Before you go on your trip this lenten season, make sure to keep your PayMaya account loaded to enjoy a hassle-free and convenient vacation. Just #ScanToPay with PayMaya QR so you can go cashless in places like La Union and Baguio. You can also bring your best travel companion a.k.a. your PayMaya card and just swipe your way in Visa and Mastercard-accepting merchants.

If you keep using your PayMaya account, you’ll earn raffle entries to the most amazing PayMaya travel giveaway ever! Get a chance to win in Tara and go on an all-expense paid trip to a destination of your choice among Iceland and Croatia, United Kingdom, South Korea, South Africa, and Italy.

We prepared a ‘cheat sheet’ on how you can earn raffle entries below:

– Upgrade your virtual card (10 raffle entries)
– Link your physical card to your PayMaya app (10 raffle entries)
– Add money, at least P100 worth, to your PayMaya account (10 raffle entries)
– Upgrading your PayMaya account (10 raffle entries)
– Pay your bills, minimum of P100 per biller, via the PayMaya app (5 raffle entries per biller per day)
– Send money, minimum of P100 (1 raffle entry per day)
– Shop online and in stores (1 raffle entry for every P300 you spend)

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