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PayMaya: A cheaper, faster alternative to buying games & in-game items

PayMaya is the first app in the Philippines to allow players to purchase directly on Steam, iTunes App Store, Google Play Store, and PlayStation Network (PSN). Introduced recently by Smart eMoney, Inc., this newest digital payments innovation allows you to conveniently buy in-app content without having to buy codes or cards in outside establishments.

Getting your own PayMaya account is easy – all you have to do is go to Google Play or App Store, download the PayMaya mobile app, and register using your mobile number. A card number will be instantly generated by the app for your immediate reloading and use.

Purchase at the speed of want
A lot of games on the app stores, PSN sales, and items on the Steam market have a limited time offer. Steam game items especially disappear so fast, some items are already gone once you click on them. As you compete with the global market for the same price drops, you can easily miss out if you will have to visit the nearest mall or computer shop desk to purchase codes or cards.

With PayMaya, you can just make direct purchases instantly. All the information needed for purchasing online is on the app: your own unique card number, expiration date, and CVV. As long as you’ve loaded up, you’re good to go.

Loading up PayMaya with cash is just as easy and accessible as getting the app. Load-up centers are available at TouchPay kiosks at Ministop, Cliqq kiosks at 7-eleven stores and Robinson’s & SM Business Centers. More places like Family Mart are positioned to follow soon to make loading up available at every corner, at any time. Friends who have upgraded PayMaya accounts can even send money to each other through the app, should they need to borrow some extra cash when they play together, which happens most of the time among players.

Get the value for your money
What’s different from purchasing using PayMaya and purchasing codes from third parties is that you will get your money’s worth. Third parties can charge up to 20% more for codes. If you need 500 steam credits, you might pay around P589. In certain computer shops, the rate might even be higher because they use the technology of another party that actually allows them to generate the codes. Meanwhile, for PSN, App Store, and Play Store players, the codes which are sold at US dollar prices aren’t actually sold following current and up-to-date USD to PHP conversion rates. So if you’re purchasing a $25 iTunes gift card, you would end up paying around P1,250.

PayMaya works as good as using a physical Visa card, so when you purchase directly on Steam using your PayMaya, 500 steam credits is P500 pesos. The only fee to be aware of is the load-up fee, which will just be around P15 for every P100-1000 peso load up, still a long shot from third party code vendors. For now, PayMaya has made loading up free for all its users.

Use the same source of funds for all game networks
Sometimes you need to purchase cards or codes from more than one game network if you want different things for different games. For instance, you might be a Clash of Clans player who needs to buy more gems and a DoTA player who wants to dress up one’s hero at the same time. If you’re buying a $10 iTunes card and 2200 Steam credits for those purposes, this entails purchasing separate cards or codes for different networks.

With PayMaya, players can now just use their PayMaya wallet for all networks, without having to go through the extra step of redeeming different strings of codes for their favorite games. Not only can players use PayMaya to pay for games and in-app content, but anything else they might be interested to purchase online from any store that accepts Visa.