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5 Tips for Keeping Your PayMaya Data Secure

Jun 11, 2018 9:00:00 AM

With data privacy policies being updated around the world, awareness for information privacy is at an all time high.

PayMaya is a convenient platform to use for payments and money transfers, and you should consider taking a few quick precautions to keep your account safe and secure.

Have peace of mind every day with PayMaya by following these tips to keeping your account information secure and private.


#1 Update your password regularly

Have you changed your account password in the last 6 months? If not, consider doing so. By changing just a few letters or numbers, you’ll have a new password without the headache of remembering something completely new.

 #2 Keep your password secret

No matter how much you trust your friends and loved ones, you should definitely keep your password (and also your one-time-pin codes) to yourself.

In case of emergencies where you need to grant someone access to your account, change your password right after.

Only you should be able to have constant and secure access to your financial information, so come up with safe ways to remind yourself of your credentials. This helps especially if you manage many accounts.


#3 Opt Out of Ad Tracking

At the Worldwide Developers’ Conference by Apple in 2018, they introduced a feature to the Safari browser which completely hinders ad services from tracking your web activity.

While the service of showing you ads which are relevant to your interests might sound useful, many people value keeping their browsing habits completely hidden from prying eyes.

When shopping online with PayMaya, keep all of your transactions and visited pages private by disabling ad tracking features. You can learn about some easy ways to do this from this source.


#4 Disable Bluetooth

Every smartphone comes with the ability to pair with other devices using Bluetooth, but you should disable the feature when you’re not using it. Many malware attacks target the weaknesses within Bluetooth to either harm your device or gather your private information.

Remember to have your Bluetooth off when you are using PayMaya, as you don’t need it to make purchases. PayMaya uses QR codes and Visa, which are both secure ways to pay.


#5 Look for Verified Payment Portals

Before you input any of your PayMaya details, like your virtual Visa card number or your personal account details, make sure the portal you’re using is guaranteed for secure payments.

Prominent webstores like Lazada and Zalora will show seals like “Verified by Visa,” “MasterCard SecureCode,” to guarantee that your credentials won’t be skimmed by hackers.

If you feel that your account information has been compromised or leaked, contact PayMaya Cares (Verified) through Facebook Messenger.

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