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3 Apps For Monitoring Your Older iPhone’s Battery

Jan 2, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Apple has recently admitted to slowing down iPhones with older batteries. Despite the backlash, the company stresses that they do this to maintain good user experience even two or three years after purchase. Slowing down a phone’s CPU, they say, makes it less likely to shut down unexpectedly. They now offer battery replacements for US$29 to bring your phone up to its original speed.

But fret not—We’ve put together a list to help you take matters into your own hands. These apps will help you determine how much power your iPhone battery holds, and how much slowdown you can expect.


Battery Doctor

Free. Download here.

Screenshots courtesy of iTunes


This app is both a battery consumption monitor and a control center for disabling features that take up most of your battery charge.

Closing power-hungry apps regularly isn’t going to restore your full CPU speed, but knowing which apps are necessary to your everyday phone use should help you decide whether you need a battery replacement—and subsequently, more power for your essential apps.


US $1.99. Download here.

Screenshots courtesy of iTunes

Monitor the vital statistics of your iPhone and iPad with this widget-based platform. Once you set the widgets up in your iPhone’s notification center, you’ll have immediate access to your Wi-Fi details, mobile carrier usage, storage space, and battery details.

One of our favorite features is the time remaining estimate, reminiscent of the long-missed macOS feature which was removed earlier this year.

We recommend this platform to those looking for a way to track both their iPhone and iPad performance, especially if you want to be able to use your Apple Watch to monitor these statistics as well.

System Status Pro

US $2.99. Download here.

Screenshots courtesy of iTunes

Advanced users will take interest in monitoring the most granular details about their iPhone and iPad through this app. It doesn’t have widgets like Omnistat, so that means more pouring through menus in the app itself.

The app shows your network and data information, battery usage statistics, up to three minutes of background activity measurements, files and web-page statistics, and some others.

The benefit here is that you can export charts of data over email, which can be useful if you’re measuring a company-owned device and you’d like to (or have to) report your findings.


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