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How To Load Up Your GrabPay Wallet Using PayMaya

May 24, 2018 9:00:00 AM

GrabPay is a wallet in the Grab app that gives users double rewards points from Grab rides, as well as budget how much they spend on Grab rides. More importantly, GrabPay allows riders to pay cashless so they don’t have to worry about cash or change to get to their destination.

With PayMaya, it’s easy to load up your GrabPay wallet!


1. Open your Grab Wallet.

On the upper-right hand corner of your Grab home screen, tap on the “Wallet” button. This will take you to the GrabPay screen, where you can see your credits, your rewards points, and other options.


2. Select “Top Up”.

To load up, tap on the “top up” icon. You will see several ways available for adding credits to your Grab account.

Next, select “Cards and Wallets”.


3. Enter a top-up value and your PayMaya VISA as payment method.

Here the app will show you three quick-load options: P500, P1,000, and P2,000. Select one of these OR input your own value in the field below the choices. Minimum load up amount is P200!

Select your preferred payment method from the list. If your PayMaya account is under Visa, choose “Visa” from the list.

Note: If you have pre-registered your PayMaya account to Grab, it will appear near the top of the list under the “GrabPay” options. If this applies to you, skip step 4.


4. Enter your PayMaya card details.

These are the PayMaya virtual card number, the expiry date, and the CVV. You can find all of these information in the virtual card in your PayMaya app or in your physical PayMaya card.

Double-check your PayMaya card details before you tap “Submit”.


5. Wait for a confirmation message from both Grab and PayMaya.

After you receive confirmation through SMS from both PayMaya and Grab for the transaction, you’re ready to book cashless rides and earn double the GrabRewards points!

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