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How to Use PayMaya to Pay for Health-Related Expenses

Nov 2, 2020 10:47:00 AM

Now, more than ever, Filipinos know the value of taking care of their health. Not only is it important to be extra careful about not getting exposed to illness and protecting one’s wellbeing it should also be a top priority to have enough money set aside for medicines, medical treatments, and everyday health-related needs.

Thanks to a payment solution like PayMaya, all of these expenses can be taken care of in a safe, convenient, and touch-free manner. If your provider accepts PayMaya as payment for health services or products, you can settle payment safely on-site using your PayMaya card. Alternatively, you can use PayMaya Scan to Pay to scan the QR code provided by the merchant or clinician. Otherwise, you can pay from a safe distance for telemedicine consultations, medical supplies bought online, and health-related bills like health insurance when you use the PayMaya app.

PayMaya can help you settle all these important health expenses in a snap. Here are some key examples of how you can use our app to live a healthier and safer life in a post COVID-19 world.  

Save Money to Your Emergency Fund, then Pay on a Rainy Day

The best approach you can take towards health emergencies is to assume that they can happen anytime, anywhere, when you least expect it. To financially prepare yourself for when these do happen, it’s a good idea to set aside money in a health emergency fund. Some people find it helpful to compartmentalize their health fund so that they aren’t tempted to touch it for other purposes. That’s why you may want to consider creating a PayMaya account and regularly top up a separate bank account for your emergency fund using the app. You’ll be thankful that you have some extra money available on a rainy day, when an unexpected ailment or injury happens.

Pay for Online Checkups

If you’re not comfortable going out as often for checkups with the doctor, you may have the option to book online appointments instead. Specialists in family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, psychiatry, and dermatology, for example, have started offering telemedicine counterparts to their clinical practice. If your physician accepts PayMaya as a method of payment, you can use the app to pay for telemedicine appointments. Find a specialist who can help you with your health concerns, and pay promptly for your treatment even without leaving your home.

Pay for Medicines and Health Supplements

Another important health-related expense you’ll have to take care of is that of medicines and health supplements. The good news is, cash and credit card payments aren’t the only methods of payment you can depend on for these. Major drugstores in the Philippines now accept PayMaya, and you can complete your transaction simply by scanning a QR code using your phone. You can use your e-wallet to pay for your daily maintenance medications, vitamins, and other pharmacy essentials.

Pay for Medical Equipment and First Aid Supplies

Aside from medicines, you can also use PayMaya to purchase other health staples like medical equipment and first aid items. These include medical face masks, syringes, salves, ointments, and supplies like bandages for your home first aid kit. You can get these either in physical stores or in online stores that take PayMaya as a mode of payment. Buy extra equipment for your car, office, and home, and keep them dry and in good condition.

Settle Your Health Insurance

Health insurance is another health-related expense that deserves your priority. Make good on your health insurance payments, and take care to settle your premiums on time. Luckily, you may be able to do so using PayMaya. Check the app and see if your insurance provider is among PayMaya’s featured billers. If they are, select them from the list and input the amount you usually pay for your premiums.

Pay for Items That Encourage Healthier Habits

Medicines and checkups for outstanding health conditions aren’t the only things you should be budgeting for. The best investments you can make for your health are often those that comprise your everyday routines, such as meals and exercise. Look for products that encourage a healthy diet for 2020 onwards, such as fresh fruits,vegetables, meat, seafood, and dairy from quality sources. Don’t neglect exercise, either, and set aside part of your budget for any equipment you can use for home workouts. PayMaya is a great touchless option to pay for any of these, whether in a brick-and-mortar store or online.

Final Words

Digital payment for goods, commodities, and services is quickly becoming the norm. More and more Filipinos are opting to purchase items using contactless methods because they are often safer and more convenient than using cash. When settling payments for day-to-day health expenses, as well as saving for emergencies, choose PayMaya. Our user-friendly and efficient payment system, paired with awesome cashback benefits, can be your key to managing your health-related finances!

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