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7 Products To Help Organize and Declutter Your Home

Jan 22, 2018 9:00:00 AM


It’s always best to start the new year by reevaluating the things at home that you don’t need, and areas of your home that can be improved.

Take your first step toward a cleaner, more organized lifestyle in 2018 and maximize your home’s space with these products!


A Hanging Spice Rack

P1,259 from Lazada

Photo courtesy of TopMall via Lazada


Keep your spices neat and organized with a multi-tier spice rack!

This one is adjustable to the size of your cupboard and ideal for holding larger jars and boxes.

Coat Hooks

P444 from Lazada

Photo courtesy of 曼切斯特家饰原创品牌 via Lazada

Hang coat hooks along the walls of your closet to keep your bags and belts off the floor!

Keeping them in sight at all times also makes it more convenient for you to reach for the right one when you need it.

Multi-Colored Toy Bins

P4,930 (set of 12) from Lazada

Photo courtesy of HAPPY KITCHENWARESTORE via Lazada

Assign each member of the family a specific colored bin for them to put their toys, books, and other miscellaneous items in!

An Over-the-Door Organizer

P555 from Lazada

Photo courtesy of Jelly Store via Lazada

Make space on your shelves by hanging this up behind your closet door to keep your shoes, scarves, and other small toys off the floor.

Packing Cubes

P399 (set of 6) from Lazada

Photo courtesy of Chainshop via Lazada

Lessen the stress of traveling by pre-planning outfits and packing them in their own individual packing cubes.

You can also assign a color to each family member to separate clothes and other personal items inside shared luggage.

Under-the-Bed Organizers

P125 from Lazada

Photo courtesy of One Tree Shop via Lazada

Free up space in your closets by utilizing the empty space under your bed.

Store your shoes, winter outfits, and other items that aren’t used every day in flat pull-out organizers.

Ottomans with Internal Storage

P2,499 from Lazada

Photo courtesy of Wallmark via Lazada

Keep your toys, linens, and other living room items hidden from your guests with an ottoman equipped with internal storage.

It also doubles as a footrest and added seating for your living room!

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