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Here’s Where to Watch the FIFA World Cup 2018

Jun 18, 2018 9:00:00 AM



ICYMI, the 21st FIFA World Cup is in full swing in Russia and is scheduled to run until July 28, 2018! 11 cities around the country are set to host the football games, with brand new stadiums built to seat about 40,000 people each.

While it might be challenging to go to see all of the games live, you can access live coverage of the events online, on special TV programs, or at sports bars and other establishments.

We’ve rounded up some of the best places you can catch the FIFA games as they happen, wherever you are within Metro Manila!




Sometimes the best way to enjoy any thrilling event is from the warm comfort of your own home. Your best option for streaming online without needing to leave the house is Fox+.

Fox Sports has exclusive rights to cover FIFA 2018, and they are going to have live streaming so you can stay safely updated just with your laptop or mobile device.

Stream their content online today at or on their iOS & Android app!



Check your cable provider for listings of these channels if you want to catch your favorite games on your TV.

As mentioned earlier, Fox Sports will have steady coverage of the World Cup, but in case you don’t have that channel, ABS-CBN luckily has you covered via their own channels: Sports and Action and Liga.



Al Jazeera’s Game of our Lives

You might not have access to the games via internet or cable as they happen live. But, with the endless analyses sure to be available after the games finish, it’s easy to find interesting content through almost any medium—especially if you only need to know the final scores of some games.

Keep yourself informed with this podcast by Jetty, an Al Jazeera podcast company. They break down the football games on their show, which you can subscribe to today on iTunesfor immediate updates.



Even though you can’t be in Russia as the action unfolds, bringing a large group of friends to a local bar or pub is one way to experience the thrill of being in the grandstands, side by side with your fellow fans.

These haunts around Manila are some local favorites for almost any kind of sports fan, and will surely have the games streaming through their flat screen TVs.

Choose a location convenient to you and start planning this big day out with your fan-friends:

The Belle & Dragon

H&J Sports Bar and Restaurant

L.A. Café

Tipsy Pig

Brotzeit BGC



Subscribe to your streaming service of choice and pay your cable TV bills using your PayMaya app or PayMaya in Messenger for access to the biggest entertainment and sporting events of the world.

Also, enjoy hassle-free payments at the above establishments with either PayMaya QR or PayMaya Visa card payments.

Planning your viewing party without worrying about keeping track of your cash is now simple and very convenient!

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