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Which Facebook Messenger Group Chat Member Are You?

Mar 18, 2019 9:00:00 AM


Facebook Messenger has become Filipinos’ go-to messaging platform to keep in touch with friends, talk about pressing topics, and even plan barkada or family trips!

In any group, you’ll meet different kinds of personalities that make a barkada more fun! This is also the case for FB Messenger group chats. If you don’t know who you are in a group chat, below are eight personalities you might relate to!

 #1 The Fire Starter

You are the resident conversation starter. You ignite reactions and conversations from the people in your group chat whenever you send videos, articles, photos, or ask questions. Because of you, the group chat is always alive with meaningful (and sometimes nonsense) messages.

#2 The Ghost

You are MIA (missing in action) most of the time. You don’t even check your group chat’s messages and would only ever reply when someone tags your name. Whenever this happens, you throw out your favorite and most used line, “Sorry! Busy lang!”

But in reality, who says you’re ignoring the messages? You just don’t get notifications because you’ve set the group chat on mute or even archived it a long time ago! Sneaky!

 #3 The Ghost Hunter  

Ghost hunters are ghost’s number one critic in any group chat. You like to call out group members who don’t participate in conversations especially if they’ve ‘seen’ the messages but never reply!  

Your final step into ‘ghost hunting’, removing members from the group chat because it’s an effective way to get their attention. Savage move, anyone?

#4 The Comedian

Aside from your corny jokes and fun stories, you make any group chat fun because you’re the resident meme generator! Your motto? Meme is life!

#5 The Drama Queen

When you get offended by a joke or clash with another group chat member, nothing stops you from saying your piece. But when all is done and both of you refuse to reconcile, you leave the group chat.

This happens so often that your friends just wait for your request to be included in the group chat AGAIN! Well, you just like to get away from the argument before you say hurtful things you can’t take back. That’s it, right?

#6 The Latecomer

Whenever you go online, you’re bombarded with unread messages! Unlike your friends, you’re either always busy to check your messages or you simply don’t have data connection that makes you connected all the time.

Your favorite word: BACKREAD!

#7 The Gossip

You love all the juicy scoops that your friends are dropping in the group chat and you never miss it! So when there’s dead air, you make sure to check in if there are latest stories they’ve yet to share!

#8 The Planner


You just want everyone to meet up after a long time so you take on the difficult task of setting up the perfect catch up session! Sometimes, just when you think that you finally caught everyone’s availability, someone ruins the plan by forgetting prior commitments or taking additional hours at work.

It gets frustrating but the planner in you just can’t help it! 

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