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Decluttering 101: 6 Easy Steps To Start A Neat And Tidy New

Jan 8, 2019 9:00:00 AM


People say the best way to welcome the New Year is to have a neat and tidy home. It doesn’t just look good, it attracts prosperity and abundance into the lives of everyone in the house.
If you don’t know where to start with your house cleaning, try adapting the KonMari Method of decluttering and organizing, pioneered by Marie Kondo. It’s based on the Japanese aesthetic of minimalism (Muji vibes!), and teaches that “if you properly simplify and organize your home, you’ll never have to do it again.” Needless to say, it made waves on Pinterest and social media alike throughout 2018.

Here are a few pointers to help you get started:

#1  Categorize items in your house that you want to declutter

Before you begin unclogging your house of unwanted stuff, determine the types of items you want to sort first.
You can start from clothes in your closet, shoes and bags, then books, office or school items, and all other items you possess. 

 #2 Visualize your purpose of decluttering

What do you want to achieve in this task? More space? Organized life? Neat bedroom? Minimalist lifestyle? Home rearrangement?
Imagining the intended result and thinking about why you are cleaning in the first place will help you do it wholeheartedly and finish quickly.

#3  Follow the 4-box method of segregating

For this part of the task, prepare boxes where you can put each item.

The first box should be for keeping, the other box for donation or selling, another box for throwing away, and a fourth box for relocating to a different part of the house.

 #4  Keep the items that give genuine happiness

According to the KonMari method of decluttering, you have to pick up and hold each item to feel if it sparks joy deep in your heart.

If it makes you happy to have it in your life, then put it in the box for keeping. If you can go on with your life even without that item, then throw it away.

 #5  Get rid of needy excuses to hold on to something

This may sound cheesy, but keeping useless and worthless things because of sentimental value is not a practical approach.

Storing items for the future without determining the exact use for it is also irrational. The time of need will never come and it will only be forgotten.

Besides, if ever the real need for them arises, there will be space to buy newer, better versions.

 #6  Prepare the materials you need for reorganizing

After unearthing items from long ago, it is time to rearrange those that you still intend to keep.

For this activity, you need to buy some items such as storage bins, electrostatic dusters, additional shelves and drawers, boxes and labels, and of course, trash bags.

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 Most people postpone cleaning their rooms and forgetting about it altogether because they think it’s gruelling and time-consuming, but decluttering doesn’t have to be a sad task! It’s just a part of the process of letting go to make room for things that really matter.

Make it a bonding activity for the family by playing your favorite music, using colorful storage boxes, and rewarding yourself after.

Have fun!

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