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College or highschool reunion idea: Stay at home with foodpanda

Nov 29, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Planning a barkada reunion over the holidays??

Christmas is just around the corner, the season for finally catching up with good friends. But who wants to go out into the traffic these days to eat out? Definitely not us. And since none of us busy bees have time to prepare potluck either, we got the bright idea of ordering in.





STEP 1: Get the foodpanda app. It’s pretty cool. 

We’ve heard about the app before, but we only really gave it a chance for our get-together. It ended up being one of the best discoveries we made. foodpanda is a food delivery app that has partnered with over 1000+ restaurants so you can go beyond ordering from your usual Jollibee, Shakey’s, Pizza Hut, etc.




STEP 2: Order your favorites, then pay online.





The app will show you a list of restaurants you can order from depending on where your location is. Each of us ordered our designated dishes–one person ordered the cake, one person ordered the chicken, etc.

We then paid online using PayMaya so we could get 20% off our first order. You can read more about the promo here (until December 31 only!).


STEP 3: Claim your delivery at your doorstep.



We can’t believe we even got to order dessert. Inside that box is a delicious Red Velvet Cheesecake from Karen’s Kitchen Delivery (must-try!)


What we loved best about foodpanda: You can track your orders real time.  foodpanda tells you the estimated time of delivery and the status of your order. Unlike the usual delivery process, you’ll never have to wonder where your delivery is.


 STEP 4: Feeling fancy? Plate your orders.



One of our favorites: Wings from Frankie’s!

The food arrived in delivery packaging so we transferred the food to plates to maintain that homey “potluck” feel, not to mention to make it more Instagram-worthy.




We ordered from different restaurants, but you and your friends can also order all kinds of food from just one resto.


STEP 5: Enjoy the rest of the night.




Staying at our friend’s house allowed us to skip out on the traffic, save time, and spend more time with each other.




Overall, you’ll find the idea of ordering in food you’d usually eat at a restaurant strange at first, but once you try it out and realize how convenient it is, you’ll definitely find it hard to stop.

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Order your first foodpanda delivery with PayMaya and get a 20% discount. No PayMaya yet? Download here: