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8 Ways To Attract Wealth And Prosperity This Chinese New Year


Luck and abundance is in the air again! As we welcome the Year of the Earth Pig, here are some of the ways you can invite prosperity into your household:

#1  Clean your house before CNY

Get rid of unwanted items and give house a good cleaning before the New Year.
Not only is starting the year with an uncluttered space a good way of attracting wealth and prosperity, it will also help dispel the bad luck and negative energy from the previous year!

#2  Put Mandarin oranges in a bowl

Mandarin oranges or kiat-kiat are a commonly used symbol of prosperity. Some establishments and offices even put bushes of these small oranges at the entryway for good fortune and luck to enter.

Display a bowl of them in your dining room or on coffee table for good luck and a handy snack whenever you need it!

#3  Share ang pao

Ang pao is what we call the small red envelopes filled with money that are usually given to kids (and kids at heart).
If you don’t have the time to personally hand these out during the Lunar New Year, just send digital ang pao to your family and friends with PayMaya!
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#4  Give auspicious gifts

Always remember to follow rules on lucky colors, gemstones, and items when choosing suitable gifts for the Lunar New Year!
For an uncomplicated gift, go digital and send someone load as a gift instead! You can even get P50 back when you buy load as a gift from February 1 to 5, 2019.

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5. Wait for confirmation of your successful transaction.

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#5  Wear red clothes

We got the custom of wearing red on special occasions from the Chinese, who consider the color a symbol of a bright future, good fortune, and happiness.
If you don’t have any red clothes or accessories to wear, having red items on display at home works too! Bonus if they’re pig-shaped or themed.

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#6  Pay your bills and debts in advance

Pay bills on time

Greeting the Lunar New Year with a clean slate by paying off your existing bills and debts! This doesn’t just discourage bad luck, it also helps you stay out of debit in the long term.

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#7  Eat dumplings or tikoy

Having a bowl of dumplings on the table symbolizes wealth, because their shape resembles the gold and silver ingots of ancient China.
On the other hand, tikoy or sweet sticky rice cake symbolizes a strong family bond. That’s one more reason to stock up on tikoy this Lunar New Year!

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#8  Display lucky items

Followers of Feng Shui know that sites like regularly publish lists of lucky items before the Lunar New Year arrives. These items are said to attract a greater amount of positive energies like luck or prosperity when placed in optimal areas of the house.
For example, they advise displaying the “Year of the Pig Golden” statue for wealth and luck, the”Golden Laughing Happy Buddha Holding Ingot” statue for harmony and happiness, and more for the incoming Year of the Pig.
There are plenty of choices, depending on the kind of blessings you seek for the Lunar New Year. Luckily, plenty of these lucky items are available on online shopping sites like Lazada!

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