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Adding money from BPI account to PayMaya account

Everything You Need to Know About Adding Money from BPI

Jul 19, 2019 9:00:00 AM

You’ve been waiting for this and we heard you! #NowYouCan add money from your BPI online or mobile banking app to your PayMaya account. Before you try the new feature, here are four things you need to know about adding money from your BPI account.

#1 It’s currently FREE of charge

Good news for BPI users: Adding money from your bank account is FREE until further notice. No need to spend extra cash to go out of your house or pay a fee to transfer funds to your PayMaya wallet. Going cashless just got even more convenient!

#2 The minimum Add Money amount is P500 

You need to transfer at least P500 to add money to your PayMaya via BPI. Pro Tip: Plan your spending budget and add just the right amount to your PayMaya to make it easier to track if you’re spending too much, or maybe too little!

#3 The transaction reflects almost instantly

No need to wait in line or fill up forms to add money to your PayMaya. You now only need your BPI online banking account or mobile banking app. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to add money via BPI:

#4 You can transfer funds anytime, anywhere! 

     Step 1: Log in to your BPI Online Banking or Mobile Banking App
     Step 2: In the Menu, select Payments/Load, then “Load E-Wallet”
     Step 3: Fill in the required information:
          a. Select your source account under Load From
          b. Select “PayMaya” under Load To
          c. Input your mobile number in PayMaya under Reference Number
          d. Input the amount to be transferred then click “Next”
     Step 4: Review the details and confirm the transaction
     Step 5: Input a One-Time PIN that will be sent to you via SMS.
     Step 6: Wait for a confirmation message for the transaction.

Try adding money using BPI Online or your BPI mobile banking app today! Learn more about our Add Money Channels via

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