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8 Must-Have Gadgets for Filipinos Working from Home

Now that the work-from-home arrangement is the default for many industries, you might be looking for ways to adjust to it. What can you do to get into the rhythm of your work the same way you would in an regular office? How can you ensure seamless communication and coordination with your bosses, your colleagues, your business partners, or your customers? There’s a lot to worry about, but you’ll worry a little less if you do one thing for yourself: upgrade your home office space.

Having quality gear for your work-from-home setup will sustain your productivity in your current job or better equip you to pursue a new career online. Now is the right time to upgrade your freelancing setup or to professionalize your new home business. Shop for the devices you need, and make sure to check out deals for associated products and services, including mobile load, internet data, and useful computer software or programs. You’ll see the difference in your performance if you’ve got these 8 gadgets to help you!


The first thing you should equip yourself with is a good microphone. You’ll want one for Zoom, Google Meet, or Skype meetings at work so that everyone else can hear you loud and clear. A reliable microphone is also a must if your job requires a lot of presentation, for example if you’re a teacher or a corporate trainer. There are a lot of affordable options both online and in physical stores. It’s up to you to decide whether you want a simple lapel mic or a mic that comes with its own condenser and stand. Alternatively, you can get a headset that combines a mic and earphones for totally hands-free conferencing.


Next on the list is a quality pair of earphones. This will help you get the cleanest, crispest audio for work calls and video conferences. They’re also a boon for jobs that require you to handle a lot of audio material, like transcription or music production work. You can choose between the corded variety or the wireless Bluetooth kind, whichever you feel more comfortable using.


If you’re not satisfied with the resolution of your laptop or PC camera, you can opt to get a separate webcam for it. The higher the resolution and frame rate on your new webcam, the smoother and clearer your video footage will be. Having an external device will also afford you greater control of the camera angle, camera position, and field of view. Indeed, if you want to look your best and look professional while you’re working, a new webcam is the answer.

High-Resolution Monitor

Whichever industry you’re working in, you’re guaranteed to spend a lot more time staring at a computer screen if you are working from home. If that’s the case, you might as well upgrade your monitor. Getting a bigger monitor, with higher resolution and better lighting, is a good investment for your eyes. It will also improve your experience with your computer’s graphics, thus making it a little more enjoyable for you to stay plugged for so long.

Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse

Your work-from-home job may also require you to spend a lot more time typing and moving your mouse. But if this isn’t something your hands are used to, you risk getting cramps or a sore wrist and joints. You can prevent these by purchasing a more ergonomic keyboard and mouse. Choose a combination that will enable you to work comfortably with your hands for longer periods.

Cooling Fan or Cooling Stand

Longer hours on your computer also means your unit will be consuming more power. To keep it from overheating and becoming slow—which is something you definitely don’t want on a busy workday—get a cooling fan or stand. This may also be a good investment towards lengthening the service life of your computer. It will work longer if it isn’t constantly run at very high temperatures.

Multi-Function Printer

Even if you’ll be dealing with more virtual documents at work, there may be occasions where you still need physical copies. For those occasions, you should have a printer ready. Take it to the next level by buying one that doubles as a scanner and photocopier, so that you can achieve much more with it.

Smart Light Bulbs

Lastly, you may also want to change up the lighting for your home office space. Light is actually a very important cue for your body to stay alert and productive. If you work late hours or take on a night shift, you will want to keep the space well-lit. That way, you won’t feel more tired or experience a drop in energy when it gets dark outside. For this reason, you may want to consider purchasing smart light bulbs, which offer you greater control over the degree of lighting in your workspace. You can even get a Bluetooth bulb that you can control from your phone.

Last Tips for Being Productive While Working From Home

Buying new stuff isn’t the only thing you can do to enhance your WFH productivity, however. Here are some additional tips that you may find useful as you transition to work-from-home.

  • Choose a quiet and conducive spot in your home to work. Ideally, this shouldn’t be the bedroom or any other room you go to in order to relax. Compartmentalizing your work spaces from your leisure spaces will help you decompress and rest at the end of a long workday.

  • Your gadgets aren’t the only thing you should upgrade. Consider upgrading the software you use, too! Purchase digital goods with PayMaya, or find ways to maximize your productivity with new apps.

  • Along with well-performing gadgets, you’ll want consistent Internet access for your work-from-home setup. For the work that you’ll be doing on your smartphone as well as your computer, you can purchase a data package at a discount.

  • Working from home may also mean that you spend more time sitting and less time moving around. It’s good to allot some time in your routine to stretch or exercise. And don’t forget to take breaks in between long sessions with your computer in order to eat, rest, and do something other than work!

Though your working arrangements may have changed drastically, you still have the potential to do great in your chosen field. May you stay safe, healthy, productive, and well-equipped to do meaningful work from home!