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6 Pro Tips for Maximizing Your Drive-Thru Experience

Nov 27, 2020 10:54:00 AM

It may not be as easy to dine in at your favorite quick-service restaurants in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, but there’s one option for grabbing your favorite fast food meals that’s still secure and convenient: heading to the drive-thru.

At the drive-thru section, you can limit your potential exposure to the virus while ordering food from the safety of your car. Fast food establishments have also become more proactive about safeguarding their customers’ health, and at the same time, delivering a frictionless buying experience for them. For example, McDonald’s began accepting PayMaya a couple of years ago. Today, more Philippine-based quick service restaurants have taken their cue and have started upgrading to cashless payments for their drive-thru operations.

If you’ve got a craving for a burger, fries, iced coffee, or other takeout items, consider these new solutions when you next do drive-thru. Moreover, here are some pro tips to help you save time, pay quickly and safely, and enjoy your food either at home or in transit!

Decide on the Best Timing to Head to the Drive-Thru

It’s always a good idea to plan your drive-thru run, as the drive-thru section of a restaurant can get pretty hectic at peak hours. For example, you may be craving your favorite value meal at around lunchtime, but many others will have the same idea as you. If you still want to drive-thru at that hour, you have to be ready for long lines and slightly longer wait times. Otherwise, it may be better to drive-thru at a less busy hour or to just order your food for delivery.

Keep a Spare Mask, Face Shield, and Hand Sanitizer Bottle in Your Car for Drive-Thru Runs

For compliance to the LGU’s directives and for your own safety, you should be wearing protective accessories while ordering your food at the drive-thru. Always make sure to have your face mask and face shield on when you roll down the window and place your order. After payment and after receiving your food, you should also sanitize your hands with a 60% alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Keep spares in your car for drive-thru runs and other occasions when you might need them.

Have Your Order Ready

To have the quickest and most convenient experience at the drive-thru, come there with an idea of what you want to order. If it’s possible, list the quantity for each item, your preferred size for it, and other instructions like requests for additional condiments. This will lessen the time you spend actually ordering, as well as help you determine exactly how much you’ll need to pay. The drivers behind you will also appreciate you for this, as no one likes to wait too long in a drive-thru. Like you, they must be hungry and excited to receive their food!

Determine the Fastest Means of Payment

Another thing you should do before you actually head to the drive-thru is decide how you’ll pay for your food. Cash is always an option, but your favorite quick-service restaurant may already have a cashless payment system in place. If the restaurant accepts PayMaya, you can use the app’s Scan to Pay feature to scan a QR code and pay instantly from your e-wallet. Have either paper money or your mobile device ready before you roll down the window. It’ll make your drive-thru experience that much faster.

Bring a Cooler for Cold Items

What if you want to enjoy cold treats like ice cream, a soda float, or a slushie, which are all perfect for our climate? To keep these items from melting or getting watered down too fast, consider bringing a cooler for them. Before you leave your home, you can put ice bags or frozen gel packs inside. Then, as soon as you receive the items, you can pop them safely inside. This is good for when the weather’s especially warm, or if you anticipate having to drive for another hour or two after you drive-thru. That way, whoever’s consuming the cold treats can still enjoy them at their peak quality.

Watch Out for Great Deals to Use on Your Next Drive-Thru

If you’re a regular patron of the restaurant, keep your eyes peeled for awesome deals that you can use on your next drive-thru. The resto may be offering e-coupons for certain items or promos that are exclusive to drive-thru transactions. They may also be partner merchants of PayMaya’s Balik Bayad program, in which case they’ll offer cashbacks to PayMaya users. Either way, you may get the opportunity to score your favorite takeout treats for an even lower price or to get an additional freebie! Sign up for the restaurant’s app, follow their social media page, or check the promos that are available from a payment provider like PayMaya.


These tips should have you raring to dig into your drive-thru order, either while you’re inside the car or already settled at home. Be safe while driving, and bon appétit!