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Typical ‘Pa-Fall’ Messages We’ve All Received (And What They Truly Mean)

Nowadays, chatting via text or online is a normal way of getting to know someone. And when the person we’re talking to starts to show that he’s caring, sweet, and not afraid of commitment by just the right words, we end up falling for them!

While there’s nothing wrong with this, we have to be cautious about falling for the wrong person! Here’s a list of typical phrases that ‘pa-fall’ guys and girls usually send us. If you’ve received more than a handful of these messages, you might want to take a step back and re-assess as you might be falling for empty words.

#1 Showing concern

 This is basically the first thing we find endearing. Someone concerned? Check! Someone who looks out for you? Check! But sometimes, the person is just starting a conversation and nothing more. 

#2 Asking you out on a date?

 So you’ve been talking for a while and he suddenly asks to treat you out! How can you not think that it’s a date, right? This is a score for you, but if he keeps dropping this line without following through with an actual date and place, it’s time to be cautious. Maybe he’s not as comitted as he seems.

#3 Checking your whereabouts

 Once he starts dropping words like these, it would be too easy to get carried away with feelings. It might sound like the start of something deeper but sometimes, the person was just bored and had no one to talk to. Ouch!

#4 Dropping promises

 To give the benefit of the doubt, he might be telling the truth! On the other hand, this line could also mean, “Ikaw lang… ang kausap ko ngayon.”


#5 Showing some love


Admit it! When you first read this kind of message, your heart skipped a beat! Why not? This sounds like a subtle way of telling you how he truly feels. But hold your horses, it could also mean a lot of things like “love kita… kausap”, “love kita… katawanan”, or worst, “love kita… as a friend”. So, girl, check the label!

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