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5 Types of Utility Payments You Can Settle with PayMaya

Dec 2, 2020 11:50:00 AM

Oftentimes, keeping order in your household can seem very overwhelming. Along with cooking, cleaning, and caring for family members, it’s part of your everyday duties to pay utility bills. Most people would opt to do so at a payment center upon getting their bill in the mail. However, if this is what they choose, it’s long lines and throngs of fellow bill-payers that await them.

Thankfully, online payment of utility bills is now so much easier in the digital era. There’s a growing list of billers that accept PayMaya as a method of payment. That means that as long as you have your mobile number registered to the app, you can pay your bills using PayMaya wherever you are and no matter the time. Using this method to pay your household dues may soon become your default—and here’s why.

Why You Should Pay Your Utility Bills with PayMaya

It’s Convenient

Instead of hurrying to a Bayad Center or to the offices of your utility providers during business hours to pay your bills, you can settle them anytime with PayMaya.. Using the app allows you to pay your billers on a round-the-clock basis. That means you have more hours in the day to settle your bills, and you decrease your chances of getting late fines.

It’s Quite Easy to Use

The PayMaya app also has an intuitive interface for paying bills online. You can choose from between a tile view and a list view of your utility billers, whichever you like more. All you have to do is select your biller and key in the necessary details about your bill, and then you’re done!

It’s the Safe Option

Nowadays, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Filipinos are more cautious about leaving their homes. You, too, may be looking for a safer way to pay your bills while minimizing your potential exposure to illness. PayMaya’s got that down for you by virtue of its contactless payment system.

It Saves Time and Money

With PayMaya, you can save both time and money by paying from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to shell out extra money to drive or commute to a payment center just to settle your utility bills. You’ll also free up an hour or two that may have been spent waiting in line, and that time can be used more productively.

You’ll Get Exclusive Cashbacks for Paying Your Bills with PayMaya

What truly sets PayMaya apart from other digital payment providers, however, is its exclusive cashback deals that you can get when you pay your bills. Many Filipino utility companies have joined PayMaya’s Balik Bayad program, offering awesome cashback vouchers for every bill settled. Every time you take care of your household utilities through PayMaya, you’re rewarded with a little extra money. That should be a good reason to choose only PayMaya for online bills payment.

Use PayMaya to Settle These 5 Types of Utility Bill


The first type of utility bill you can settle with PayMaya is your electricity bill. Meralco is one of the featured billers on the app, and you’ll find them in the “Electric Utility” section. Stay on top of your monthly electric bill and open the PayMaya app to settle it in a timely manner.


In the “Water Utility” section of PayMaya’s Pay Bills module, you can also find water billers like Maynilad. Your water bill is another household expense that deserves priority, so make sure you’re updated on your payments. Luckily, that won’t be difficult with the PayMaya app.


Longtime PayMaya partners PLDT and Bayantel are some examples of landline telecommunications companies you can pay your bills for on PayMaya. The “Telecoms” part of the app also covers major mobile providers Smart Communications, Globe, and Sun Cellular. Using PayMaya, you can settle your landline bill or mobile phone bill without the hassle of lining up at a center.


Internet is another utility that you can’t live without, especially now that households oversee work-from-home and online learning setups. Ensure that there are no interruptions in your connectivity at home by quickly settling your Internet bills on PayMaya. You’ll find billers like Converge and Sky Broadband on the “Cable and Internet” section of the app.


As mentioned above, you can also pay your cable fees with the billers featured in the “Cable and Internet” section. PayMaya’s featured billers for cable include Cignal, Sky Cable, and Destiny Cable. When you settle your cable bill on PayMaya, you can continue to enjoy your favorite TV entertainment as well as keep updated with the news.

Conclusion: Make PayMaya Your First Choice for Settling Household Utility Bills

You’ve got an all-in-one digital payments solution in PayMaya. In addition to settling payments for grocery items, gasoline, retail items, and even government contributions, the app can also be used to settle dues with your household utility providers. Register your mobile number on PayMaya now, and make the app your default for paying your outstanding utility bills.

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