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P3,000 Challenge: How to Make the Most of Your Online Shopping

Mar 14, 2019 9:00:00 AM


Every peso counts these days, whether you’re shopping in stores or online.

Shopping online already gives you an advantage in terms of price, but there are a few hacks you can use to make the most of your money.

Let’s try a few of them with a sample budget of P3,000!


#1  Download the app versions of your favorite online stores

It’ll take a bit of effort (and phone memory), but this tip can pay off big time!  

First off, online shops like ZALORA and Lazada offer additional incentives such as discount codes for shoppers who download their app.

For example, when you use the 20% app download code on ZALORA, this blouse and skirt combo worth P2,083 ends up at P1,675 upon checkout!

Second, sometimes these sites hold flash sales or exclusive offers specially for app users! Before buying anything on the online site, try logging into the app to see if you can get it there at a better price.

Current Total: P1,675


#2  Compare offers on different sites

For items like bags and shoes that are available across a number of different online stores, it’s best to compare prices and item quality across sites to be sure you’re getting the most of your money!

For example, a quick search will show you that this type of net string tote is available at the cheapest price on Lazada. Even with the shipping fee, the total cost comes out to just P356.07.

Of course, price isn’t everything. Weigh qualities like personal preference, merchant trustworthiness, and item rating against price to determine which offer to take!

Current Total: P1,675 + P356.07 = P2,031.07


#3  Take advantage of free shipping

If your item isn’t available on your usual online store, try searching for it on another site that offers free shipping on your first order.

Bye bye, shipping fee!

Current Total: P2,031.07 + P195 = P2,226.07


#4  Look for coupons that you can use

Remember our first tip? Mobile apps like Lazada’s are known for offering item- or brand-specific coupons, even on normal days.



Look for them on brand pages or on the app home page for more discounts on your haul!

Current Total: P2,226.07 + P779 = P3,005.07


#5  Pay with a card that gives you more benefits

Over budget? Think again!

Normally, checkout would be the end of the process, but paying with your online purchases physical or virtual PayMaya card has additional benefits.

Shopping for a minimum of P3,000 across multiple sites using your PayMaya card will earn you a one-time cashback of P300 on your whole spend!

Even if the cashback is credited after the promo ends on March 15, 2019, you’ll still have spent less in the long run.

Final Total: P3,005.07 – P300 cashback* = P2,705.07

*Credited 14 days after promo end

 Not a bad haul for P2,705.07!

How much will you get for P3,000? Add money to your PayMaya and start shopping today!

Visit for the latest promos and tips on how to make the most of your PayMaya!

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