RCBC Frequently Asked Questions



Who can load up their PayMaya accounts through RCBC Online Banking?
All RCBC clients with enrolled CA/SA accounts in RCBC Online Banking may load a PayMaya account as long as the following conditions are met:
  1. Client is logged in to RCBC Online Banking 
  2. Source Account has sufficient balance to load up the PayMaya account 
  3. Balance of the PayMaya account will not exceed P100,000 
  4. Mobile Number entered is linked to a PayMaya account 
How much will be charged to me every time I load up my PayMaya account through RCBC Online Banking?
None. The source account you will select will only be debited with the amount you load up to your PayMaya account through RCBC Online Banking.
How will I know if I was able to successfully load my PayMaya account?
You will be notified through RCBC Online Banking that a transaction has been successful. You will also receive the details of the transaction via e-mail and SMS.
How much can I load up to my PayMaya account through RCBC Online Banking?
You can load from P500 up to P50,000 per transaction as long as your PayMaya account has not yet exceeded the following limits:

  1. Upgraded PayMaya Account – P100,000 load per month and/or P100,000 maintaining balance
  2. Non-upgraded PayMaya Account – P50,000 load per month and/or P50,000 maintaining balance
Is there a limit to the number of times I can load up my PayMaya account through RCBC Online Banking?
None, but you can only load up to P50,000 per transaction.
Can I load up a PayMaya account that is not under my name?
Yes, as long as you know and can provide the mobile number of the PayMaya account you want to load up.
What if I input a wrong mobile number?
All PayMaya load up requests will push through as long as the mobile number entered is (1) in correct format (2) not incomplete (3) linked to a PayMaya Account. You will only be prompted that a mobile number is incorrect if any of the three conditions were not met so you have to make sure you entered a correct mobile number before clicking Submit.
What if I don’t receive an SMS after a successful transaction?
There will be times wherein the SMS notification will be delayed. However, you will still be prompted with the successful transaction details through RCBC Online Banking and through the e-mail address you have declared on your RCBC Online Banking Account.
I’m being prompted with an error whenever I try to load up a PayMaya Account through RCBC Online Banking – Retail. Why?
You may check the Error Code that is displayed and refer to the description of errors below. 
Error Code Description
6054 Expired
6005 Blacklisted / Blocked / Inactive
6041 Lost
6043 Stolen
2865 PayMaya Account Does Not Exist