Send Money from PayMaya to Malayan Bank Savings and Mortgage Bank, Inc.

Need to send cash to a Malayan Bank account? PayMaya makes it more convenient than ever. Whether you’ve got an account with the Malayan Bank Savings and Mortgage Bank, Inc. or simply need to send cash to someone who does, PayMaya lets you do it with just a few taps on your smart device. Download the PayMaya app today to start experiencing the convenience of using a modern, multi-featured payment platform!


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Reasons to Send Money to Malayan Bank with PayMaya

Despite being a relatively new bank, Malayan Bank Savings and Mortgage Bank, Inc. has nevertheless established a wide base of account holders. Here are some reasons why you should use PayMaya for cash transfers to Malayan Bank accounts:


Send funds within the minute. There’s no need for the sender or account holder to fill out forms and wait for the next banking day to send funds. PayMaya bank transfers are done within seconds. The recipient can use the cash within moments of the sender tapping “Send.”


You can transfer funds from anywhere in the Philippines. You don’t have to take time off to visit the nearest Malayan Bank branch to transfer funds. If your device has an internet connection, you can send money through PayMaya to any Malayan Bank account.


Always available. You’re not limited to regular banking hours. You can do bank transfers off-hours, during weekends, and even on holidays.


Over 40 participating banks. You can send cash to banks other than Malayan Bank. If you need to send cash to accounts with different banks regularly, PayMaya makes this simple and straightforward.

Secure transfers. PayMaya employs globally recognized techniques for keeping your data safe and facilitating secure money transfers.

How to Send Money from PayMaya to Malayan Bank

  1. Log in to PayMaya.
  2. Tap “Bank Transfer.”
  3. From the list, find and tap “Malayan Bank Savings and Mortgage Bank, Inc.”
  4. Enter the amount to be transferred.
  5. Enter the Malayan Bank account’s details.
  6. Review the transaction to ensure everything is in order.
  7. Tap “Send.”
  8. Wait for a PayMaya SMS notification through your registered phone number.

Sending Money to a Malayan Bank Account Is Easy with PayMaya!

Whether you have to replenish your Malayan Bank account or need to send cash to someone else, PayMaya makes it easy. All you need is a smart device and an internet connection to send funds. With a few taps, you can send cash that will be ready for immediate use by the recipient. Why wait when you can use PayMaya? Download the PayMaya app today for easier and secure money transfers.



About Malayan Bank Savings and Mortgage Bank, Inc.



Since 1996, Malayan Bank Savings and Mortgage Bank, Inc. has slowly but steadily built up a reputation as a reliable bank that offers a wide range of balanced financial services. As its full name asserts, Malayan Bank’s main thrust is personal savings as well as mortgages. With 21 branches located all over the country, Malayan Bank is well poised to suit the needs of Filipinos everywhere.

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