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    Before, the only option to pay school-related expenses, like tuition and fees, was to line up onsite. Today, you may not even need to leave your home in order to make complete payments to your school of choice. You can pay tuition and other educational expenses in an instant using the PayMaya app!

    By choosing to pay with PayMaya, you can avoid unnecessary travel and long lines. You can also reduce your risk of getting penalized for late payment, since the app makes timely money transfers possible. Some PayMaya Partner Merchants from the education sector also accept tuition on an installment basis. If that’s more convenient for you, you can opt to pay the school on a monthly basis and free up the rest of your cash flow.

    Thanks to PayMaya, you’ll worry about one less requirement for getting a quality education for yourself, your siblings, or your children. Paying for school-related expenses is now as easy as checking out an item at a store. You can complete the transaction via QR code, by using an all-in-one payment device like PayMaya One, or through online checkout on the school’s website. Download the app and enjoy the convenience of using a safe and modern payment platform when paying for your education!

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