Paving the way for seamless payments.

Participate in the mobile payments revolution! QR code transactions are the fastest and lowest costing payment method available. In order to accept payments, you just need a registered PayMaya QR code and a phone. Payments go directly into your bank or PayMaya account!

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Enjoy same-day settlement with your PayMaya account or next day settlement if it’s via your Bank account.

Accept payments from different fund sources using only a single QR code.

Allow your customers to pay via QR code online powered by PayMaya checkout.

Let your customers pay via QR code on TV displays.

Help your customers make faster payments with QR printed on their billing statements.


No bulky POS machines to occupy space or carry around with you.


Eliminate insurance and maintenance costs due to device mishandling and loss.

Eliminate cash handling risks.

Fast checkout experience.

Get funds fast through your PayMaya Account.

Make fund transfers to suppliers using PayMaya’s send money feature.

Make fund transfers to suppliers using PayMaya’s send money feature.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is PayMaya QR?
PayMaya QR is a cool new way to receive payments from your customers with just a smart phone. It is a fast, secure, and convenient way to pay.
2. How do I benefit from accepting PayMaya QR?
  • Increased sales: Customers can access their money to make payments anytime and anywhere, even if they are not carrying their wallets or have sufficient cash. You can accept payments anytime and anywhere using just your QR Code.
  • Faster transactions: You complete your customer transactions easily and with speed.
  • Increases your efficiency: PayMaya QR decreases the frequency with which you have to make trips to your bank to deposit cash.
  • Improves your safety: Since the payments go straight into your account you have decreased risk of theft or pilferage of your money
  • Helps you track your cashflow: PayMaya QR enables you to access your sales and transaction history at the tap of a few buttons on your PayMaya App.
3. Benefits for customers
  • Simple 4-step process – Open, Scan, Confirm & Collect
  • Make payments in seconds from a smartphone
  • More secure than carrying cash around
  • Real-time confirmation of transaction
4. How do I get started with PayMaya QR?
a.) Apply via the PayMaya Business website or directly to our sales representative at
b.) Once you are onboarded successfully, merchant shall be provided with a merchant kit.
5. What are the on-boarding requirements?
  • Signed Application Form
  • Signed Contract
a.) For Sole Proprietorship
  • Special Power of Attorney if there are other signatories besides owner (original and notarized)
  • DTI Certificate
  • Mayor's Permit (current year)
  • BIR Registration
  • Name and Valid ID of Signatory 1
  • Name and Valid ID of Signatory 2/Attorney-in-Fact (if any)
  • Audited Financial Statement (If 5M or more total transactions per year)
b.) For Partnerships
  • Articles of Partnership
  • Partners' Certificate Listing Authorized Signatories (originally signed & notarized)
  • Mayor's Permit (current year)
  • BIR Registration
  • Name and Valid ID of Signatory 1
  • Name and Valid ID of Signatory 2 (if any)
  • Audited Financial Statement
c.) For Corporations
  • Articles of Inc./By-Laws
  • Secretary's Certificate Listing Authorized Signatories (originally signed & notarized)
  • General Information Sheet (current year)
  • Mayor's Permit (current year)
  • BIR Registration
  • Name and Valid ID of Signatory 1
  • Name and Valid ID of Signatory 2
  • Audited Financial Statement

6. What are the requirements needed so I can receive my transactions?

a.) For PayMaya Accounts:

  • Barangay Certificate
  • Store Photo (front)

b.) For Bank Account Settlements:

  • Bank Statement/SOA/Copy of Passbook (UB, SBC, BDO, MBTC, LBP or EWB)
  • Bank - Branch:
  • Account Name:
  • Account Number:

7. Is there a fee for every processed transaction?

Yes, at a low cost!

8. What if I delete my PayMaya App in my mobile phone? What will happen to my account? Do I need to be on-boarded again?

Your account is safe with us. If you have accidentally deleted your PayMaya App, you can simply download it again on Apple App Store or Google Play Store

9. How many PayMaya accounts can I have?

You can have one (1) PayMaya account where your funds will be settled to.

10. How will I be settled?

Depending on the choice of settlement, merchant can get their funds either directly to a PayMaya Account or the following banks:

  • BDO
  • Metrobank
  • Security Bank
  • Unionbank
  • EastWest Bank
  • Land Bank of the Philippines

11. How will I process payments? Will I need internet connectivity, etc.?

a.) As a merchant, you will only need a print-out QR code to ensure you can process payments, and a mobile number to receive SMS notifications to know you have payments processed.

b.) The printed-out QR Code will be scanned by the customer using their PayMaya App. They should have internet connectivity (e.g. mobile data, wifi, etc.) to process.

12. How will I be notified if there are transactions processed?

a.) You will receive an SMS notification in your registered mobile number should there be a successful P2M payment processed, indicating the amount processed.

b.) Your customer would also receive such notification.

13. How will I be notified of the transaction if I’m the owner but I’m not the storekeeper/ cellphone holder? 

You can elect a mobile number where your store keeper will get PayMaya QR notifications. These notifications will contain a reference number that is the same from the customer.

14. Will I receive a daily settlement report?

a.) For PayMaya Account Settlement. Settlement to your PayMaya Account will be done in real-time.

b.) For Bank Accounts. Our daily settlement report, which will be provided on the next day, will consist of the transactions processed in Day 1 from 12mn to 11:59pm

15. How safe is PayMaya QR?

It is highly secure as all your payments made through PayMaya QR are digitally secured and encrypted in transmission. What’s more, every QR Pay transaction requires authentication and approval by your customer before it is even initiated. Without this authentication no payments are processed.