PayMaya Teams Up With KathNiel to Promote Balikbayad Cashback Benefits

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PayMaya recently teamed up with powerhouse Pinoy love team KathNiel to promote Balikbayad. The value proposition is aimed to incentivize Filipinos to use PayMaya instead of cash payments to get more out of their hard-earned money.

With the movie-esque KathNiel Balikbayad promotion, PayMaya hopes that not just KathNiel fans but more Filipinos will be convinced to make the switch. “With PayMaya, there’s a lot of value that you can get in return,” said Mark Dee, Marketing Head of PayMaya. Customers can get cashback benefits of up to 100%, as well as discounted rates for prepaid load and gaming pins. PayMaya also offers even more Balikbayad value beyond money, such as time savings. In a busy world where lining up to pay bills or transfer money can take hours at a time, PayMaya makes things a lot more convenient.

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla last worked together in the 2018 film “The Hows of Us,” one of the highest-grossing Filipino movies of all time. Two years later, PayMaya brought back the beloved and award-winning tandem in an action-packed film poster (which also features premier TV and film kontrabida actor Rez Cortez). Together with their partner merchants, PayMaya helps KathNiel get Balikbayad cashback benefits and conquer the inconvenience of cash transactions.

What’s great is that PayMaya doesn’t run out of deals. Whether you’re fueling up your car, buying groceries, or eating out, you can get cashback deals and more attractive offers throughout the year. You can even win shopping sprees, new gadgets, and other exciting prizes through raffles. For Filipinos who love bargains and maximizing their money on purchases, PayMaya is definitely a valuable payment partner.

PayMaya is one of the Philippines’ leading virtual payment apps. They have over 8,000 partner merchants and counting, making it easier for customers to shop, pay bills, book flights, and more. All they have to do is download the app for iOS or Android, add money through 40,000+ partners like convenience stores, and scan the merchant’s QR code. Customers can also get a physical card, which they can link with the app. This prepaid card shares the same balance with the linked PayMaya account and can be used in local and international establishments. As long as the merchant accepts credit or debit cards, customers can swipe the EMV-powered PayMaya card for secure transactions.

So Don’t Pay Cash, PayMaya just like KathNiel! Get the PayMaya app for iOS or Android today and start enjoying Balikbayad cashback benefits, and more.

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