BDO Mobile Banking (via InstaPay)

Add money to your PayMaya account in real-time 
with your BDO Mobile Banking app!

  1. Log in to your BDO mobile banking app.
  2. Tap “Send Money” then choose “To Another Local Bank”.
  3. Select “Proceed without a template” then “Continue”.
  4. Fill out the required information. Save all the details as a template for quicker transactions in the future.
  5. Review the details you have entered, then tap “Continue”.
  6. Wait for the confirmation message to appear on your screen.

    *Minimum add money amount is Php100. 

    *Maximum add money limit is Php50,000 per day.

    *There is a Php100 charge for every successful BDO to PayMaya Add Money transaction. 

BDO Online and Mobile Banking

  1. Log in to your BDO online/mobile banking account and select “Pay Bills”.
  2. Choose “PayMaya/Smart PayMaya” under billers.
  3. Enter the amount, recipient’s name, and PayMaya mobile number in this format: 639XXXXXXXXX, then click submit.
  4. Receive the confirmation message from BDO on your screen.
  5. Wait for the confirmation message from PayMaya via SMS once the money has been credited to your account.

    *Add money transactions between 9:00 am – 9:59 pm on regular working days will be credited to the PayMaya account within 2 hours. 

    *Add money transactions made outside the above schedule will be credited to the PayMaya account within 24-48 hours. 

    *Minimum add money amount is Php500. 

    *Maximum add money limit is Php5,000/day.